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If you're looking for a way to make money from writing then this product is for you.Ultimate Copywriting is a membership program that teaches copywriting. It's the fastest and most effective way of mastering the highly valuable skill of copywriting.It a program written by Paul Hancox, who has been writing sales copy for about 20 years now.It contains: a monthly program, lasting for 12 months.Each month you'll have access to 3 new Training Modules in downloadable PDF format. Most modules contains what I call a Mission. a fun assignment, designed to allow you to practice what you've learned.Each month you'll have access to 2-3 new Copywriting Breakdown videos, where Paul analyze some of the best copy around, including a mix of classic and modern sales letters. Starting from Month 4, you'll have access to new Watch Me Write! videos, which show how Paul writes copies.The program will teach you things like: The four levels to why people buy, the unique Word Weaponry strategy, that enables you to implant ideas in people's minds in an almost covert way, the most powerful copywriting and selling skill, that nobody talks about.and so on.So order now and begin your career in copy writing. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

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Now, let's shift gears to sales copy. writing to sell. The key to successful sales copy is more than stringing a few power words together, like this The Netwriting Masters Course will help you fine-tune your natural-born persuasiveness online, by mixing in some standard offline copywriting techniques and some new e-techniques. You don't need special creative writing classes.

My Secret to Hypnotic Writing

I'm about to tell you my million-dollar secret for writing sales copy. This is something I've never told anyone else in the entire world. I'll tell you right now, if you promise to keep this a secret. Agreed In a nutshell, translating is exactly what I do in writing sales copy. When someone hands me a technical manual on a new software program with the idea they want me to write a sales letter for the software what I do is translate that manual. See the difference I do this with all my copywriting. I take what I'm handed and translate it into benefits, clear language, and bottom line emotion. This truly does feel like translating languages to me. And like learning any new language, it takes time to master. I take the copy given to me, turn on the part of my mind that knows how to speak copywriting, and I translate the words in front of me into words you can understand. I also do this copywriting translation with news releases. For example, last month I was hired to write a news...

The Great Intimacy Secret

All of the great copywriters that I can think of wrote in their own voice. They didn't try to be someone else. David Ogilvy wrote like David Ogilvy. Dan Kennedy writes like Dan Kennedy. Joe Vitale writes like Joe Vitale. I don't try to be Dan or David, and they don't try to be me. Here's a million dollar secret Many great copywriters call a friend and tell them about the product or service they want to sell. They record the call. They then play it back, listening for the ways they described what they were selling.

Write for Your Ideal Customer

What do you mean by The dog ate it If you have not yet done so, review the example site now (http ). You'll learn a lot more, if you do the exercise. Or if you cannot identify with auctions, go to http . Find your type of business there and click to that site and review its sales copy.

Setting Your MWR Before You Start Selling

The answer to that question is critical because you can't start your visitor on a journey through your site until you know the exact destination where you want her to land. Once you set your MWR, you will write every word of your sales copy to reach that goal. Every headline, subheading, paragraph, sentence will be focused on getting your MWR.


Dan Kennedy once told me a copywriter's job is to pull out of the company owner what he can't or won't say. Talk to the people who sell the product. Talk to the owner. In conversation, they may say something you can use in your copy. This is the feeding your brain part of copywriting. Soak up all the facts before you can write a word of copy. Otherwise, you're writing fiction.

The Brass Tacks

Hallmark, the nation's largest card company, publishes more than 50,000 different cards and replaces 90 percent of them each year. To fill that reservoir of lush and gush, Hallmark has a creative department of 500 copywriters and graphic artists situated in bullpens on three floors of their Kansas City headquarters. Writers are hired right out of college at a starting salary of 20,000. Staff writers are very competitive they work long hours and are always on deadline, even though they're writing for occasions twelve months ahead. The best writers are in great demand, so, in order to keep the best ones, Hallmark now prints writer art director credits on cards and pays royalties on best-selling cards.

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