Feeling It

Writing is something you want to do—at least part of you does. But rarely when you sit down to do it, will you feel like it. And rarely will you feel like even sitting down to do it. So, never wait to feel it. Once you sit down to it, you will usually encounter more resistance. Especially at the beginning. Don't be surprised if you feel something like: This is crazy. What can you do in five minutes? I don't even get warmed up in fifteen minutes. A writer in five minutes a day, B.S. This is stupid. I'm wasting my time. Cleaver is a wacko, and I'm just as nuts for trying this, etc., etc., etc. To all of this you respond: OK, it's stupid. I'm stupid. It's a waste of time. Fine! But, I signed on for thirty days. I'll do it for thirty days and be done with it.

Another excellent way to defeat this kind of resistance is judo. Judo is using the power of the enemy to defeat him. With creative judo, you don't resist, ever. You go with whatever is in you. So, you say, or write: "I'm not writing today because . . ." "I can't stand doing this because . . ." "What I hate about this stuff is. . ." or "Why is there always resistance? Is it worth it? Will I ever get there?" etc. Whatever is in your mind, go with it, explore it. If you do, eventually it will lead you into something you feel is worth pursuing.

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