Rule Nothing

Go over your story, and let your mind run wild, imagining anything and everything that could possibly happen, what else the characters could think, feel, and do. Go for the far-out possibilities. Don't worry about going too far. At this point the problem is not going far enough. We shy away from pushing things to the limit—and beyond. We're organized personalities with boundaries and defenses. To create, we need to break through those boundaries, to be open to anything and everything that's in us. And because you can't really go beyond yourself, no matter how far-fetched an idea feels, it will have your personal stamp, your sense of order, on it.

If you do go too far out with your story, you can always cut back. An old writing rule says: The best way to find out what's enough is to do too much. So, if the man's wife shocks him by asking for a divorce and he's desperate to keep her, what might he do? Initially, you might have him argue, make promises, beg, or even threaten. But later you might consider having him attack, stalk, bribe, blackmail, murder, or slander his wife—or a combination of these—to uncover what's in him and you. He may not do any of these, but you need to explore every possibility. And even if he doesn't do them, he could well contemplate and dream of doing them. Thought is action. So, go as far as your imagination takes you, then see what you have and use what works.

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