No one's mind is 100 percent accurate. It's not supposed to be. The mind did not evolve for accuracy alone. It was never "intended" to be 100 percent accurate. This inaccuracy causes us to mix things that don't go together so that we can invent new ways of solving problems. There is no such thing as a photographic memory. Eighty percent is the maximum anyone has ever demonstrated. So, the very best we can do is 20 percent error, 20 percent slop. That, and the fact that we are looking for new combinations when we write, account for why the process is messy, disorganized, sloppy. In this game, mistakes and errors are good. They help us uncover new relationships. Fiction is about finding order in disorder-how everything relates to everything else. So you're supposed to make mistakes, get lost, drift off on a tangent. The slop can be maddening, but it's also your friend.

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