The Worst

The worst thing you can do in all of this is to not write and not make meaningful contact with your writing for an extended or not so extended period. With this plan, there is no need to ever be away from your writing for any significant amount of time, because 5 minutes a day keep you in touch. The CARDINAL SIN in all of this is skipping the 5 minutes a day. Always, always, always make that daily contact. If you don't, when you get a chance to do some writing, you will be lost or, at the very least, creatively tense and stiff, and you'll flounder around trying to get into the swing of it, to loosen up, all the while losing time and running the risk of giving up. Do your 5 minutes- always.

BUT if due to forces beyond your control, you do miss your 5 minutes, never, never, never do extra to catch up. Don't say, "I missed yesterday, so I'll do ten minutes to catch up." Or worse, if you're into writing say a half hour a day and miss, don't ever tell yourself, "I didn't write for the half hour I had scheduled yesterday, so I'll do an hour today to keep my string going." Thou shalt not double up, ever. If you miss, forget it and go back to it tomorrow. If you're doing a lot (e.g., a half hour a day) and miss, you're better off dropping back a level for a day.

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