Try The Reverse

Consider having your character do the opposite of what he's now doing. This may seem like a violation of your character, but there's truth in it. The frustrated mother who says of her bratty kid, "I give him everything he wants, or I beat the crap out of him. Nothing works," is expressing this truth. When we're desperate, we go to extremes. So, the powerful man, after trying to intimidate his wife into not divorcing him, may fall to his knees and beg. The nerd who tries to avoid being harassed by blending into the woodwork or pleading to be left alone could get a gun and go berserk, blasting his enemies away. By considering the reverse, you're working to uncover possibilities in your characters, your story, and yourself —opportunities for your characters to express themselves and reveal themselves. Remember, revealing character is the number-one purpose of fiction. So, consider the reverse. If it works, do it. You'll be surprised at how often it uncovers new possibilities and gets you deeper into the heart of things.

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