Use or Abuse Selfediting

Now that you've done your second writing exercise, the first thing to do is to go back, reread it, and see how you respond to it. More than anything, this is an emotional game, so relax, let it affect you, and pay attention to your reactions as you read. It's a passive game on your part. Working with your reactions on this level is the first step. If you haven't reworked your writing much, you should have some perspective on it. If you've reworked it a lot and feel stale, you might need to wait a day or two. But that doesn't mean if you have the time to write, you should wait a day or two to do so. If you have time, write. If you're not sure what to write, do another of the exercises from the last time. Whenever you do go back to that first piece, what kind of reactions do you think you'll have?

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