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Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this ebook, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I ordered a copy myself to figure out what all the publicity was about.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Oneclick Cover Letters

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Quick Notes vs Formal Cover Letters

Most of this book addresses how to write the formal cover letters that will accompany your resume on most occasions. Earlier we mentioned that a quick note can take the place of a cover letter and be just as effective. know. In those instances, a formal cover letter is more appropriate.

The cover letter

In the absence of a 'live' contact person, the cover letter has the difficult job to 'sell' the survey, that is, to create rapport with the respondents and to convince them about the importance of the survey and of their role in contributing to it. In addition to this public relations function, the cover letter also needs to provide certain specific information and directions. To write a letter that meets all these requirements is not easy, particularly in view of the fact that it needs to be short at the same time. If it is more than a page it is likely to be tossed aside and then find its way into the trashcan unread. So writing this letter is something we do not want to rush. Cover letters usually address the following points Gillham (2000) warns us that even though the questionnaire is sent out together with the cover letter, the two often get separated. Therefore, it is important that the questionnaire itself be self-contained and also include vital pieces of information such as...

Seven Steps to Getting a Good Job in Less Time

You might have jumped to this chapter right away, or after quickly reviewing the strategies we suggest for quick yet effective cover letters and resumes. We hope that is the case because the value of your resume and cover letter is in what they will help you accomplish which is getting a good job.

Improve Your Resume in Minutes

We assumed that you have already developed your resume before choosing this book to help you with cover letters. For that reason, we're not going to tell you step-by-step how to write a resume. We do, however, want to give you some ways to quickly improve your resume and really boost its power and effectiveness.

Senior Sales Executive----794 2011

Comments Diane was unable to find out more about the company or the opportunity because this was a blind ad. However, she knew that it was in the real-estate management industry, so she highlighted her strong, relevant experience in her cover letter. Comments Trying to break into the competitive field of pharmaceutical sales, Jamie has gone to school with an existing rep for the company and learned a lot about the profession. The cover letter is full of very specific sales-related achievements. Comments A meeting has been set, and the cover letter and resume are sent to reinforce this candidate's expertise and highly relevant achievements.

Step Identify Your Skills

Most job seekers cannot answer the question, Why should I hire you The consequence of not being able to answer that question, as you might guess, is that your chances of getting a job offer are greatly reduced. Knowing your skills, therefore, gives you a distinct advantage in the job search, helps you write a more effective resume, and helps you focus your cover letters on the most relevant information.

Unsolicited Letters Requesting an Interview or Other Assistance

We want to discourage you from sending out unsolicited letters as a primary technique. Even though many job search books recommend sending out lots of unsolicited resumes and cover letters, the evidence is overwhelming that this method does not work for most people. Doing the same thing on the Internet often results in the same outcome. The rare exception is if your skills are very much in demand. We do think that sending a letter or e-mail to people with whom you share a common bond, such as alumni or members of a professional group, can be reasonably effective. This is particularly so if you are looking for a job in another city or region and you send a letter asking someone to help you by providing names of contacts there. Several of the sample cover letters provide examples of this very technique, and it does work, particularly if you follow up by phone and e-mail.

The Quick Job Search Career Planning and Job Search Advice

We have found that few books on resumes and cover letters provide good advice on job seeking. In fact, most of these books give bad advice. For example, they often tell you to send out lots of resumes and get them onto employers' desks or into e-mail boxes or resume-scanning systems. Then, if your resume or cover letter is good enough, employers will ask you in for an interview.

Louise M Kursmark

15-minute cover letter 15-minute cover letter write an effective cover letter right now Michael Farr with Louise M. Kursmark. p. cm. 1. Cover letters. 2. R sum s (Employment) 3. Job hunting. I. Title Fifteen-minute cover letter. II. Kursmark, Louise. III. Title. HF5383.F315 2005


Comments The focal point of this letter is the list of impressive results. The letter also provides a good explanation for why the candidate is looking for a job. Notice that Chris called the recruiting firm before sending a cover letter and resume. I will be happy to prepare a more detailed cover letter explaining my qualifications and, I hope, communicating my passion as soon as I have the opportunity to review your package of materials I look forward to receiving that from you as soon as it is ready.

Thank You Notes

While resumes and cover letters get the attention, thank-you notes often get results. That's right. Sending thank-you notes makes both good manners and good job search sense. When used properly, thank-you notes can help you build on the positive impression you created during your interview or phone discussion. They can help make you more memorable to hiring managers. And they might even sway a hiring manager who is on the fence to include you in the next round of interviews.

About This Book

This book will teach you how to write personalized, effective cover letters very quickly. We don't want you to get frustrated and bogged down in the process, but neither do we want you to dash off something that is quick but not effective. We give you techniques to help you move rapidly through the opening, middle, and closing sections of your cover letters we tell you when mail or e-mail is most appropriate and we tell you what you should do before you write your cover letters to make them truly effective. And we provide lots of sample cover letters to review for ideas to use in your own. Cover letters are just one important part of the job search, so we also provide information on thank-you letters, e-mail, and other job search correspondence that, when used effectively, can make your transition to a new job smoother and faster. A short but powerful chapter on how you can improve your resume in just 15 minutes is also included, and we close out with a key chapter on job search what...

Step two Prepare your submission

What that means is that you must submit four things A cover letter a synopsis sample chapters and a SASE. Before I go into the details of each, let me give you some 3. Use white, 20 lb. paper. Do not use erasable bond paper. Your cover letter can be on higher quality paper. Do not use colored paper to try and get attention. You don't want the attention it will bring forth. 5. There should be no visible corrections on your cover letter. A cover letter (query) The first line of your query letter must grab the reader because it is the first (and maybe the last) thing the person opening your package will read. It is the same as the inside flap of the book in the bookstore that our bookbuyer is looking at. button away and someone's about to push it. This would be a good opening line for your cover letter except for the fact this storyline has been beaten to death. As far as the paradox many lament of putting writing credentials in the cover letter, yet they haven't been published, unless...

Check the ITAs for other requirements

Often, a journal may require special statements, permissions, and such for legal reasons. Below are some common additions that may need to be expressly mentioned in the cover letter When sending a paper typescript by mail, enclose the cover letter and typescript copies in a strong oversized envelope or reinforced mailing bag. If necessary, add a piece of light cardboard to stiffen the package further. Put illustrations and photographs in a separate smaller envelope inside the mailer to protect them further. When everything is together, seal the mailer and put a strip of tape over the clasp that holds it closed. Mark the envelope First Class Mail (or 'Air Mail for overseas) very prominently on both the front and back. Otherwise, the postal service may treat it to a much slower third-class mail delivery. Never guess at the proper postage Take it to a mailroom and have it weighed. For extra speed

Onetoone administration

Oppenheim (1992) draws attention to a potential pitfall of one-to-one administration When such a questionnaire administration strategy is adopted, researchers often utilize the help of someone in an official capacity on site who is not a skilled interviewer (e.g., a teacher or a manager or some other contact person in a targeted institution). However, there is a danger that without appropriate briefing such persons may, with the best intentions, introduce fatal biases. The face-to-face survey administrator needs to cover all the points that the cover letter does in postal surveys (cf. Section 3.2.1) and yet, when we ask mediators to hand out a few questionnaires in the contexts they move around in, how often do we train them properly for doing this job properly When it comes to group administration (cf. Section 3.2.3) researchers typically place more emphasis on standardizing the administration procedures and with postal surveys a carefully composed cover letter can do the job...

Magazine Guidelines for Submitting Stories

Please include your contact information in your cover letter and or on your manuscript mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address if available. All manuscripts must be typed and accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE). Unless a SASE is enclosed with your submission, you will not hear from us unless we are interested in publishing your manuscript. We try to reply within 4 to 12 weeks. Important notes 3. We review simultaneous submissions and request that they be identified as such in the cover letter. If a magazine asks for a cover letter, keep it direct and succinct. You don't need lengthy biographical information or an involved synopsis of your story. If the editor wants additional information, that information will be specified in the magazine's guidelines. A simple business letter format is appropriate. Here is an example

Guidelines For Writing Portfolios

The most common portfolio assigned in a writing class is the comprehensive or cumulative portfolio, containing all your writing for the term it usually includes a cover letter in which you explain the nature and value of the portfolio contents. The following suggestions may help you in preparing a cumulative portfolio. 7. Attach a table of contents. For portfolios containing many papers, attach a separate table of contents. For those containing only a few papers, embed your table of contents in the cover letter. 9. Include a cover letter. For many instructors, the cover letter will be a key part of your portfolio since it represents your latest assessment of your work. A cover letter serves as an A story portfolio is a shorter but more carefully edited and crafted summary of your work. Instead of writing a cover letter and including all papers and drafts written during the term, a story portfolio narrates the evolution of your work and thought. In a story portfolio, you include...

What To Do When The Job Is Done

Brief synopsis of the book, a sample chapter, and a cover letter telling them about yourself, your educational background, any previous publications (including nonfiction), and the training you've had in writing fiction including workshops you've attended and classes you've taken. Send all that along with an SASE, a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Administration by mail

The unique characteristic of postal administration is that the researcher has no contact with the respondent except for a cover letter he she has written to accompany the questionnaire. In addition, mailed questionnaires are often in competition for the addressee's attention with various sorts of circulars, catalogues, and junk mail also received through mail, and the two factors together largely explain why the return rate of such surveys is often well below 30 . Such a low return rate, of course, undermines the reliability of the sample (cf. Section 3.1.3) and therefore if we decide to conduct a survey by mail we need to adopt a number of special strategies that have been found to increase the respondents' willingness to complete and return the questionnaire.

Approaching Your EditorToBe

2) DON'T try to make yourself 'stand out.' Don't begin your cover letter with the words This is your lucky day or any sentiment of the sort don't threaten to kill yourself if she doesn't buy your book don't do a cute cover letter that says, Once upon a time an editor received a manuscript that changed her life and made her rich beyond the dreams of avarice don't include nude photos of yourself, erotic photos of yourself, photos of yourself with your pet tiger, or even nude erotic photos of yourself with your pet tiger. 3) DON'T waste your time with the sob story cover letter that says, I have manuscript, and address the cover letter to her, and spell her name correctly. Never send out a manuscript To Whom It May Concern. If that's all the trouble you can go to, your book won't concern anyone.

Level Two Clarity Grammar Organization and Completeness

My letters are on a variety of subjects, from a letter of agreement to a cover letter accompanying a proposal. My proposals tend to focus on one project at a time and run about five to ten pages. I decided to see if I was proofing my letters and proposals carefully enough or if I was overdoing it.

Detailed Discussion

A cover letter is an opportunity for you to make an inviting introduction to the grant maker about your organization and also about your project. This is a place for creativity but not elaborate language. You want to warmly invite the reader to read about your excellent project. The cover letter is one place to push the most obvious hot buttons. What is a hot button It is an issue that is critical to the funder. As we have explained in detail in our other books, you must meet the funder's agenda to receive an award. By reading every bit of information you can find on the funder, you will see recurring topics and themes. Perhaps the funder is particularly interested in diversity, or projects that promote preventive health care, or projects that promote family unity. These are hot buttons issues that are at the heart of the reason the funder has gone to the trouble of setting up funds to grant. So how do you use this information in a cover letter Well you might write an initial...

Proposals for Grants

Cover Letters Submissions to journals today are done electronically, and including a brief electronic cover letter is appropriate. Such letters are easy to write and have no need to be original, witty, or eloquent. Figure 5.1 shows an example of a cover letter. Table 5.1 gives suggestions for closing words. Basically a cover letter simply tells the editors you have attached an article for their consideration and may include a brief list of other scientists in your field, who in your opinion would be appropriate for reviewing your work. The reason you supply names of 3-4 others in your field is to alert the editors about people who have expertise in the subject of your paper. The editors may or may not take your advice, but the help you give them may prevent them from sending your paper to inappropriate reviewers. Normally you do not include names of people at your university. Figure 5.1 Example of a Cover Letter for Electronic Submission of an Article to a Science Journal

When Is It Used

A cover letter should be sent whenever it is not prohibited. With some requests for proposal, there is a strict page limitation with explicit directions to follow for every page. In this case, a cover letter is not usually appropriate. However, you can leverage a cover letter to make an excellent first impression so it should be included whenever possible. Normally with proposal to a foundation or a state program, a cover letter can be included. Often with a federal grant program, a cover letter is not included.


If you are lucky enough to receive written feedback from an editor, read it. You may roll your eyes and sneer, initially. But if the editor suggests that a particular element of your submission does not work, consider whether or not you can make changes or if you have another story that might meet his or her tastes. Resubmit your story or send another one with a cover letter acknowledging the editor's remarks.

100 Cover Letter Tips

100 Cover Letter Tips

100 Cover Letter Tips EVERY Single Person Should Know. In applying for a job, you need to know what a cover letter is so that you would be able to recognize its importance. The cover letter is actually the same as the letter of application, letter of intro duction, as well as a transmittal letter. It is a letter that should always accompany the applicant’s resume, since not too many employers would consider an application without it.

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