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This book will teach you how to write personalized, effective cover letters very quickly. We don't want you to get frustrated and bogged down in the process, but neither do we want you to dash off something that is quick but not effective. We give you techniques to help you move rapidly through the opening, middle, and closing sections of your cover letters; we tell you when mail or e-mail is most appropriate; and we tell you what you should do before you write your cover letters to make them truly effective. And we provide lots of sample cover letters to review for ideas to use in your own.

Cover letters are just one important part of the job search, so we also provide information on thank-you letters, e-mail, and other job search correspondence that, when used effectively, can make your transition to a new job smoother and faster. A short but powerful chapter on how you can improve your resume in just 15 minutes is also included, and we close out with a key chapter on job search—what works, what doesn't, and how you can manage an effective search in just seven steps.

After all, changing jobs and changing careers is no longer a rare event. Many workers choose to or are forced to look for work every few years. So learning methods that work, and work quickly, will help you the rest of your working life.

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You are Hired

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