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Because so much business correspondence takes place electronically, it is important that you be able to use your resume appropriately for e-mail, online applications, and other electronic methods. There are several different formats you can use, each with its advantages and limitations.

Microsoft Word

This is the standard word-processing format that is used by most businesses. It is important that you be able to send your resume in MS Word (.doc) format for easy opening and viewing by your recipients.

If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, you can try saving your file in Rich Text Format (.rtf). This kind of file can usually be opened by MS Word. Be sure you test this out by sending the RTF file to a friend who has Microsoft Word.

You can also visit your library or a local copy shop (such as FedEx Kinko's) where you can use the computer there and convert your resume to MS Word format. Then, save the file on a disk, bring it home, and send it as an attachment from your home computer.

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