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2525 Technology Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45207

Dear Mr. Tallant:

I look forward to meeting with you next week—John has told me so many interesting things about you, it will be a pleasure to meet you in person! Before our meeting, I am providing my resume, as you requested, and a bit of background that explains my current career direction.

Since 2002, I have completed my MCSE, MCP+I, and A+ certifications and am well on my way to completing the Windows Server 2003 component of the MCSE.

What sets me apart from others who may have similar qualifications is my record of thriving in extremely challenging work environments, quickly learning new skills, and demonstrating a passion for excellence.

My background in the highly demanding restaurant industry gives me an edge in any work environment. In that competitive, high-pressure field, I consistently performed to high standards and was singled out for prestigious opportunities.

Now, I am very interested in pursuing a position in line with my recent education. I offer more than just core technical abilities. I have worked in management for many years, and although a position in management may not be what you have available, you will find that I bring to your company a higher level of maturity and responsibility than most. I am dedicated and punctual, have a powerful work ethic, and enjoy new challenges.

If given an opportunity with your company, I am confident I will continue my record of thriving and contributing in every new situation. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me; I look forward to exploring your needs and any solutions I can offer.


Natasha Sturtz enclosure

Letter 23: Pre-Interview, for a Specific Job Opening

Comments: This T-style letter is used to show how this candidate exceeds all of the job requirements.

Jon Lee Novak

11 White Oak Lane, Laconia, NH 03246 603-349-1256 • [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Tom Hennessey Northeast Logistics 19 Apple Street Reading, MA 01867

Dear Mr. Hennessey:

I appreciate the information you shared with me on the phone today with regard to your Logistics Engineer opening. As you suggested, I am forwarding my resume for your review before we meet.

Relevant to your needs, I offer engineering expertise, logistics experience, and a track record of measurable contributions to operational effectiveness:

Your Requirements

My Qualifications

Bachelor's degree or 3 years' experience in warehousing/logistics

• BS Mechanical Engineering

• More than 10 years' experience in logistics, operations, and engineering project management in fast-paced distribution settings

Operational and data analysis, problem definition, solution development

History of developing innovative and effective solutions to diverse operational challenges:

• Root cause analysis

• Technology and process implementation

• Project planning and management

• Facilities and logistics systems design

Report and data development

Proven ability to define and produce meaningful data for business decision-making:

• Created new productivity and quality reporting using data from a new warehouse management system.

• Developed data that pointed to root cause of inventory control problems, then put in place a program that quickly improved service levels by more than 5%.

Project management

An unbroken record of delivering projects on schedule and on/under budget.

Mr. Hennessey, I look forward to meeting you at 11:30 on Friday.

Mr. Hennessey, I look forward to meeting you at 11:30 on Friday.


Jon Lee Novak Attachment: Resume

Letter 24: Pre-Interview, No Specific Job Opening

Comments: This format is a clever way to call attention to qualifications in three distinct areas.

Stephen Francis

2940 Sweet Rose Drive, Dunwoody, GA 30338 Home 678-290-3409 ■ Mobile 678-987-1256 ■ [email protected]

March 30, 2005

Ms. Edwina Forrest

Vice President of Engineering

Schwartz Precision Tools

909 Peachtree Boulevard Extension

Atlanta, GA 30303

Dear Ms. Forrest:

Thank you for your time on the phone today. I am excited about exploring opportunities with Schwarz Precision Tools at our meeting next week.

My qualifications encompass the following:

Expertise ■ Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

■ International project experience (U.S., South America, Europe) with two leading German companies providing engineering, automation, and plant design in the mining and cement industries.

■ Two successful patent applications and a background in industrial R&D.

Relationships ■ History of restoring customer confidence through creative solutions that overcome obstacles and deliver customer benefits.

■ Effective communication skills across multicultural environments with clients, colleagues, and senior management.

Results ■ Record of key contributions to multimillion-dollar plant engineering projects—including saving corporate profits, cutting customer downtime, establishing best practices, and developing new engineering applications.

■ Leadership of successful market-entry engineering and project initiatives.

I have long been impressed with your company's technical expertise and ability to expand into new markets. I'd like to add to your success and look forward to exploring some possibilities. I will see you at 3 pm on the 5th.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Francis enclosure: resume

Letter 25: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: Written to a network contact, this letter and the accompanying resume set the stage for an interview.

Amanda Klein 4509 Charlfont Street, Cincinnati, OH 45249

513-891-3651 [email protected]

March 30, 2005

Mr. Chris Welles Owner

At Your Service 459 Lytle Street Cincinnati, OH 45204

Dear Mr. Welles:

Thank you for agreeing to assist me with my search. Your help is much appreciated!

To give you a bit of background—I graduated from Xavier two years ago and since then have continued to work in the restaurant business. This experience has taught me valuable skills, such as decision-making, customer service, and good communication. But I am ready to put my education (in accounting) to work, and I hope to get your insights into opportunities at your company or elsewhere in this area.

I will call you in a day or two to see when it might be convenient for us to meet.

Again, thanks! Yours truly,

Amanda Klein enclosure

Letter 26: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: Sharon has been unable to reach Mr. Desmond by phone, but she will persist in trying to make contact. Her letter contains solid and specific examples of her abilities.

Sharon Steiger

2490 Calumet Farm Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45249 513-204-7902 (Mobile) [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Mr. Brandon Desmond Chief Information Officer Cincinnati Financial Services, Inc. 249 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

Dear Mr. Desmond:

Following up on my recent phone messages, I am contacting you at the suggestion of Audra Pederson, who has told me about your expansion plans and need for experienced IT leadership.

Leading technology projects, teams, and organizations to support strategic business goals is what I do best. As Senior Technology Leader for Midwest Trust, I guided the massive technology conversion and integration projects that followed each of our 12 acquisitions—in each case, merging hundreds of financial products, systems, and services into our central technology systems, while providing a seamless transition to customers.

Just as importantly, my division supported business growth from $500 million to $6 billion with only a 25% increase in IT staff.

Of course, technology services are only as good as the technical staff that designs, implements, and supports them. I have found that there is no "trick" to keeping staff morale high and turnover low—rather, it relies on a top-down management attitude of respect, empowerment, continuous professional development, and teamwork. The proof of this approach can be seen in the 5% or lower turnover rate I maintained for over a decade.

I'd like to meet and discuss ways in which my leadership, technical, and managerial skills can be valuable to your organization. You may reach me at the above number; I will try to reach you by phone again in the next few days.


Sharon Steiger enclosure: resume

Letter 27: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: Notice how this letter is a follow-up to a personal meeting at a professional association function. This is an excellent way to make initial contact that you can pursue afterwards with a more focused message. Because Allan is already on a first-name basis with Carol, he uses her first name in the salutation.

Allan P. Raymond, CPA

29 Brookside Drive, Mystic, CT 06433 860.239.7671 • [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Carol P. Graves, CPA President, Graves & Andrews 254 Court Street New London, CT 06320

Dear Carol:

I enjoyed our conversation at the recent CPA Society meeting and, as you suggested, I am forwarding my resume with this letter of interest in joining your firm.

You and I agreed that your clients deserve the best: the best accountants, the best strategies, and the greatest dedication to customer service. I am confident I can bring "the best" in both attitude and execution to your firm.

With more than ten years of accounting experience—the last five as a CPA and owner of an accounting firm specializing in tax—I have strong and well-proven professional skills. I thrive on the challenges and intricacies of tax accounting and stay up-to-date with tax code changes through both in-person and online training programs.

What satisfies me most in my professional life is the opportunity to help clients better manage, control, and benefit from their money. One of the keys to the good advice I give my clients is my deep understanding of the consequences of investment decisions on their tax situation. I have worked with businesses of all sizes from one person to complex multimillion-dollar organizations in diverse industries and have contributed strategies and planning recommendations as well as tax-related accounting services.

Having just concluded the sale of my business, I am eager for new professional challenges. I would like to explore my value as a tax accountant with your firm, and in pursuit of that objective I will call you next week to schedule a meeting. Thank you.

Best regards,

Allan P. Raymond enclosure: resume

Letter 28: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: Impressive results are included in the first paragraph to get attention in this blind-ad response.

Rafael Lewis

294 Aster Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45208 Home: (513) 739-1265 • Mobile: (513) 230-0943 • Email: [email protected]

March 30, 2005

Enquirer Box 719-A Cincinnati, OH 45202


Under my leadership, the customer service department of Tech-Line was transformed from a business liability to a competitive advantage for the company. We cut hold times by 75% and consistently performed at 95% of the world-class standard of 24-hour problem resolution.

As detailed in the enclosed resume, my background includes more than eight years of management experience complemented by a strong technical background in applications development. In all of my positions, I have developed solid collaborative relationships with business and technical departments of the company, and I have consistently demonstrated a customer-centric approach that is also sensitive to bottom-line priorities.

I can be a valuable addition to your team and look forward to a personal meeting to discuss how I can deliver results for your company.


Rafael Lewis enclosure

Letter 29: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: This promising contact came about as a result of a professional association meeting. The letter focuses on results and relates to the needs of the reader and his organization.

Janine T. McGuire

512-349-1265 749-A Whistler Court, Austin, TX 78714 [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Robert Smith

Vice President of Operations Sanibel Systems, Inc. 4545 Round Rock Parkway Austin, TX 78710

Dear Mr. Smith:

You will recall that we spoke briefly after your presentation at the Austin Business Leaders Forum last week, when I followed up on your comments about expanding your materials management organization. As you suggested, I am providing additional background material and will call in a few days to set up a meeting.

Throughout my career in materials, logistics, and procurement, I have delivered results such as these:

• 99.3% on-time delivery, $1.5 million in cost savings, and $2.5 million in inventory reduction in 18 months as Director of Purchasing and Materials Management for a technology supplier

• Creation of a world-class purchasing group at Apex Technology—by reengineering functions and aligning activities with strategic business goals

• Key contributions to growth and profitability that spurred the emergence of Intelli-Tech as a world-leading technology supplier

• Consistent cost reductions in tandem with quality and service improvements through innovative value-stream, value-added strategies

My experience in lean global sourcing, value-enhanced supply-chain operations, and management of outsourcing initiatives can help Sanibel as you face tough challenges in today's competitive global economy. One of my strengths is negotiating contracts and managing relationships with contract manufacturers, consultants, and outsource technology providers (I can help you get the most "bang for the buck" in short- and long-term). I am fully conversant in all facets of Lean Materials Management, Purchasing, and Manufacturing; I excel in high-responsibility positions and am Kaizen process oriented.

I appreciate your willingness to meet with me. I will call you shortly to set it up.


Janine T. McGuire Enclosure: resume

Letter 30: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: The focal point of this letter is the list of impressive results. The letter also provides a good explanation for why the candidate is looking for a job. Notice that Chris called the recruiting firm before sending a cover letter and resume.

Chris Angelos

152 Elm Street, Reading, MA 01867 • (H) 781-942-0925 • (M) 781-204-9904 • [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Steven T. Edgerton Executive Search Consultant Biggs, Byers, Bailey & Bloggs 859 Madison Avenue, Suite 2IB New York, NY 10023

Dear Mr. Edgerton:

Thank you for spending some time on the phone with me today. Your firm's reputation as a leader in manufacturing-industry searches prompted my call, and I was glad to learn that you have several active searches that might fit my profile.

Building productivity, profitability, and efficiency in manufacturing operations is what I do best. For the past six years, I have led a custom-aluminum manufacturer to consistently high profitability while delivering strong results in all areas of operations:

• 100% key customer satisfaction

• 100% on-time delivery for our top account

• 100% environmental regulatory compliance

• 83% reduction in production downtime

• 25% reduction in inventory

• 15%, 20%, and 25% reductions in product, service, and utility costs

• 10% sales growth with all major accounts

As a hands-on manager, I have practical working knowledge of every area of operations. I have instilled a "customer first" attitude top to bottom throughout the plant. My work ethic and reliability are exceptional (I haven't missed a scheduled day of work in 15 years), and I enjoy the challenge of continuously improving an already good operation.

The owner's decision to increase his own involvement and bring additional family members into the business is the reason for my current search. My record shows what I have done for the bottom line and our customers; I'm confident I can do the same as a Plant Manager or Production Supervisor for one of your clients.

I would like to schedule a meeting with you on Friday to find a convenient time.

Sincerely, my next trip to New York, and I will call you on

Chris Angelos enclosure: resume

Letter 31: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: Matthew "drops" the name of his referral source in the very first sentence. Notice how specific he is about ways he can help the company.

Matthew Taylor

2730 Carmel Court Home 317-249-2187

Indianapolis, IN 46213 [email protected] Mobile 317-908-2376

March 15, 2005

Shandra Keeley Vice President of Operations Hoosier Building Materials, Inc. 7619 Victory Parkway Indianapolis, IN 46210

Dear Ms. Keeley:

Stan Asher, store manager of the Carmel Home Depot, suggested I contact you; he thought you would be interested in my background and my ability to help Hoosier Building Materials grow.

In operations management roles with Midwest Windows, I cut inventory levels 40%, set company records for shipping volume, trimmed 15% from our fleet expenses, and more than doubled inventory turns—all in the last two years.

I could deliver similar results for your organization. Specifically, I can help you in four ways:

1. Operational Improvement... transforming underperformers to top-of-the-class operations... striving for continuous improvement through ongoing, aggressive initiatives.

2. Team Building. taking over entrenched organizations and creating motivated, nimble teams that quickly respond to changing business demands.

3. Financial Performance. driving cost from all areas of manufacturing and distribution operations.

4. Operational Systems and Controls. creating the essential foundation for business growth.

My experience is diverse and includes hands-on leadership of marketing, sales, product development, manufacturing, finance, forecasting/budgeting, IT, and logistics. The key to success in every role has been my ability to build relationships, both internally and externally, and to create support for new initiatives and new ways of doing business. The results have exceeded expectations and opened new opportunities for growth.

I would like to meet with you to explore how I can deliver bottom-line benefits to Hoosier in an operations leadership role. I will call you next week in hopes of setting up a meeting.

Thank you.


Matthew Taylor enclosure: resume

Letter 32: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: This letter is written to a network contact who is now in the position of screening candidates for a specific opportunity. -

Dear Donald,

It has been a pleasure speaking with you about the Schram Health Center executive director position, and I appreciate your guidance.

As requested, I am attaching my resume. These brief highlights of my qualifications will give you an idea of the value I can bring to the Schram Center.

== Six years in Director-level roles with Southwest Medical Center, delivering results in the most challenging of climates.

== Proven ability to lead key strategic initiatives from concept to successful conclusion. Success stories at Southwest include developing a master plan, launching a new campus, and introducing family-centered care hospital-wide.

== Deep understanding of the intricacies of diverse healthcare entities, including hospitals, satellite facilities, and mental health operations... and deep commitment to making a difference through effective leadership of these organizations.

== Talent for working with boards, community sponsors, and all members of the healthcare team to deliver the best possible services to our various constituents.

== MBA and BSBA degrees.

I will be happy to prepare a more detailed cover letter explaining my qualifications—and, I hope, communicating my passion—as soon as I have the opportunity to review your package of materials; I look forward to receiving that from you as soon as it is ready.

Again, Donald, thank you for your assistance. I am excited about this opportunity and eager to share my ideas with the Schram Center executives and board members.


Alex Rivera

Letter 33: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: This job seeker uses a quote as an attention-getter in "cold-calling" a senior executive.

Lindsey Carmichael

21 Hillside Drive, Novato, CA 94949 415-245-1265 [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Alden Gaines Vice President, Operations Columbia Products, Inc. 9495 Industrial Parkway Newark, NJ 07184

Dear Mr. Gaines:

Recently, you were quoted as saying, "Cost-effective management of your company's supply chain operations can mean the difference between profit and loss."

I couldn't agree more, and I would like to talk with you about how I can help your company in this regard.

I have a track record of innovative and successful management of large-scale transportation and logistics operations, and I know how to plan, implement, and manage the supply chain for maximum business benefit—both immediate and long range. Consider these highlights:

• In my current position, I have just completed laying the groundwork for a global distribution initiative that projects savings of $5 million annually.

• With Bayou Chemical, I captured $7 million in savings in less than two years through effective management of our logistics resources.

• Previously, charged with setting up the transportation/distribution function at a newly acquired plant, I established the foundation for a very cost-effective logistics program that has contributed to record-high profitability at that plant.

The reason I am contacting you is that family priorities dictate that I relocate to the Northeast, so I am searching for a new professional challenge. Your words inspired me to think that I could find that challenge at Columbia Products—or that you may know of another company in the area that could use my expertise. I will call next week to determine whether you have an interest.

Thank you. Sincerely,

Lindsey Carmichael enclosure

Letter 34: Pre-Interview, for a Specific Job Opening

Comments: The last paragraph suggests that Richard is already thinking about ways to help his prospective new company.

March 30, 2005

John P. Edmonds

President, Pharmedic Networks, Inc. 2912 Second Street Seattle, WA 98108

Dear Mr. Edmonds:

Thank you for taking my call today. I was pleased to discover that you might have a need for an executive with my experience and track record, and I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday.

As we discussed, I have been successful building profitable companies in today's dynamic healthcare market—growing revenues, outperforming profit goals, and achieving dominant market position for diverse organizations that include start-ups, multiple mergers, and regional expansions. For example:

• As Senior VP for the Northwest Region of an expanding services organization, I led a performance turnaround that resulted in 225% revenue growth and 353% increase in operating income.

• Previously, as Operations VP, I orchestrated the smooth integration of 10 companies into a cohesive organization—all the while adding new institutional customers and expanding into new service lines.

• In the emerging arena of pharmacy services to the LTC market, I played the lead role in growing a single-site company to a highly profitable regional leader with 45 sites.

I offer strong sales/marketing and operations leadership skills and the proven ability to drive growth and improvement. The result is a tightly run, clearly focused organization whose people "own" the vision and communicate the brand value at every customer interaction. My deep knowledge of the healthcare industry (long term care services, managed care, insurance, healthcare technology) is the foundation for innovative vision, practical strategy, and the ability to spot opportunities.

When we meet, I'd like to share with you some ideas I have for growing both your pharmacy services and your medical supplies operations. Thank you, again, for your interest.


Richard Tallant enclosure: resume

Richard Tallant

206-595-2781 Home • 206-218-8712 Mobile 3909 43rd Street NE, Seattle, WA 98128

[email protected]

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