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Consider this: When you write a job description in your resume, you are writing about the duties, tasks, and responsibilities that are assigned to anyone holding that particular job. In fact, anyone holding that job could have the identical paragraph on their resume! How different it is when you write about the achievements that are unique to you. Not only do you customize your resume, but you also communicate to a future employer that you performed your job effectively—not just what you were "responsible for," but what you actually did.

A resume that includes only job descriptions is bland and uninformative. A resume that highlights your achievements sizzles! It will put you head and shoulders above the average job seeker.

When describing your accomplishments, once again be specific. Include numbers, percentages, and other hard evidence of results. Without these quantified results, your achievements will lack power.

Achievement Statement Examples

Consider the difference between these before-and-after examples.


• Closed multimillion-dollar deals with top-tier companies.


• Closed 60+ deals with top-tier companies (e.g., DaimlerChrysler, Hallmark, Disney) and generated more than $100 million in revenue in first year of product launch.


• Improved accounting processes to increase efficiency and speed up the monthly closing process.


• Cut 9 days from monthly close (15 days to 6) and saved $50K in annual labor costs (one full-time employee) by partially automating the close process to eliminate the need for double manual entry of branch accounts.

Tip: We recommend that you just briefly describe your actual job scope/job duties. It is important to put readers in the picture so that they understand the context of your achievements. But it's not necessary to spell out all the details of your day-today job activities. Hiring authorities understand the general responsibilities of most jobs; what they want to know is how you performed in that job. It is far more effective to expand on your achievements and minimize the description of your job duties, rather than the other way around.


• Led numerous Kaizen events to dramatically improve production time and inventory turns.


• Led 6—9 Kaizen blitz events and 80+ improvement projects yearly. In 4 years, reduced total production time from 50 days to 3 days

and improved inventory turns from 4 to 11. Before:

• Consistently met or exceeded monthly, quarterly, andy goals.


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