Sylvia Brock

94 Old River Road Northford, CT 06472 [email protected]

March 30, 2005

Alan Barnes

Vice President, Sales & Operations Micro-Solution Company 245 Peabody Street Hamden, CT 06517

Dear Mr. Barnes:

I am so glad that I called you this morning, and I do appreciate your very helpful ideas. I have a call in to John McManus and will let you know how that goes; and I am pleased to send along my resume in advance of our meeting next week.

As I mentioned, my background includes high-level customer and account management experience as well as complex project management responsibilities. My eight years of professional experience have taught me that my talents and expertise are best suited to a role that involves sales, heavy customer interaction, multiple task management, and high performance expectations.

Your company's products, reputation, and growth potential are exciting. I believe my skills will be a good fit for your needs as you expand, and I look forward to exploring this in more detail when we meet.


Sylvia Brock enclosure

Letter 14: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: In this T-style letter (written in response to a blind ad), notice how Joshua supplies everything the employer is looking for—and more. As we noted in chapter 2, however, this kind of letter is not effective unless you are a perfect match for every qualification requested.

Joshua Trent

[email protected]

4525 Parkview Crescent Indianapolis, IN 46218 317-454-2094

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