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Comments: Diane was unable to find out more about the company or the opportunity because this was a "blind" ad. However, she knew that it was in the real-estate management industry, so she highlighted her strong, relevant experience in her cover letter.

March 15, 2005

News Box 759-B Omaha News-Record 2525 Elm Street

Omaha, NE 68101

Re: Administrative Assistant — Real Estate Management Company

Your current opening sounds tailor-made for my experience in challenging administrative/accounting roles with ABC Properties. Managing diverse projects and functions in a fast-paced environment, I helped the company increase its revenue and profits while better serving its tenants. For example —

■ Our monthly rental accounting/deposit process was taking more than two full weeks due to the thousands of units we managed and an inefficient method for collecting and tracking payments. I was able to cut that time in half while also eliminating risky cash payments and better utilizing our on-site staff.

■ Recognizing the need for faster and more expert response to inquiries from tenants and leasing staff, I helped create the position of Senior Administrative Assistant and became the front-line responder for all calls and inquiries. This improved tenant satisfaction and gave our leasing staff faster, more accurate information.

Having handled a high volume of detailed reporting and accounting activities, I am accustomed to a fast pace and a diverse workload. I am very familiar with tenant issues, leasing questions, and the specialized software used for property management. And I have a history of showing initiative, taking on new projects, and exercising good judgment in daily decision-making.

I would like to learn more about your current position. I am confident my skills and experience will enable me to make immediate contributions to the success of your company.


Diane Sanborn attachment: resume

Letter 4: No Interview Is Scheduled

Diane Sanborn

402-209-3409 ■ [email protected] 6753 Village Circle #5B, Omaha, NE 68125

Letter 5: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: Cecilia opens her letter by mentioning the name of her referral source. This technique gets the reader's attention and gives Cecilia added credibility.

Cecilia Evans, Ph.D.

Pianist, Composer, Teacher 4509 Prairie Street ■ Omaha, NE 68106 ■ 402-349-1249 ■ [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Sandra Lee, Executive Director Omaha Symphony & Pops Orchestra 119 East Church Street Omaha, NE 68109

At the suggestion of Dina Whitman, I am contacting you to express my interest in the open position of Principal Pianist with the Omaha Pops.

With more than 20 years of professional experience as a pianist, accompanist, composer, and music teacher, I offer strong qualifications:

• Master's degree in piano performance and Ph.D. in music composition.

• Orchestral and chamber music performance experience (including extensive soloist experience) in the U.S., England, Ireland, and Holland, performing a wide array of classical and popular programs.

• Vast repertoire of both classical and nonclassical music including Broadway and jazz pieces.

• Broad experience as an accompanist and music director for dance, theater, and opera.

After reviewing the enclosed resume and visiting with me, I think you will agree that I have the professional skills, work ethic, musicianship, and teamwork attitude that will make me a successful addition to your orchestra. I look forward to meeting with you and Maestro Schwinn; I will call early next week to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you both.

Thank you for your consideration.


Cecilia Evans, Ph.D. enclosure

Letter 6: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: Trying to break into the competitive field of pharmaceutical sales, Jamie has "gone to school" with an existing rep for the company and learned a lot about the profession. The cover letter is full of very specific sales-related achievements.

Jamie Van Horn

253 Silverton Trail, Phoenix, AZ 85017 602-779-1682 • [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Sally Osborne Southwest District Manager Pfizer Pharmaceuticals 6512 Scottsdale Boulevard Phoenix, AZ 85010

Dear Ms. Osborne:

Sandra Lopez has suggested I forward my resume to you for consideration for a current sales opening in the Southwest District of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Through conversations and ride-alongs with Sandra, I have learned what it takes to be a successful pharmaceutical sales representative, and I am confident I have the drive, dedication, and proven skills that will enable me to quickly become productive. Highlights of my career experiences include

• Consistent performance above goals in direct-sales positions:

• Trend of sales growth in competitive environments:

— 25%, 15%, and 6% growth in diverse sales departments, 1997-2000

— 10% growth as a result of community marketing and visibility/ awareness campaigns, 2003-present

• 25% year-over-year sales increase as sales manager

• Initiative and leadership in developing relationship-marketing programs

• Management experience and proven strengths in organization, planning, and follow-through

I would like to meet with you to explore how my background and talents can benefit your company as a sales representative in the Greater Phoenix area, and I will call within a few days to get your thoughts and possibly schedule a meeting. Thank you.


Jamie Van Horn attachment: resume

Letter 7: Pre-Interview, for a Specific Job Opening

Comments: A meeting has been set, and the cover letter and resume are sent to reinforce this candidate's expertise and highly relevant achievements.

Anthony Andretti

25 Elm Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877 ■ Home 203-455-1265 ■ Mobile 203-421-8712 ■ [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Michaela Standish President

Apex Products, Inc. 759 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10020

Dear Ms. Standish:

In advance of our meeting next Tuesday at 10:00, I am sending along some background material, as you suggested. I am excited about the opportunity to expand Apex into Europe, and—as you will see in the attached—I have deep experience and a strong track record of success in that region.

For more than 10 years I have achieved profitable sales growth for companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. This multinational experience has given me a deep understanding of how to sell within each country's unique culture, and I am expert in creating strategic sales plans that achieve niche market penetration, dramatic revenue growth, and successful entry into new markets.

These brief highlights of my experience indicate my ability to deliver bottom-line benefits:

■ As Senior Sales Executive for Master Microchips, I developed $5 million in first-year sales during the company's first expansion into international markets.

■ As International Sales Manager for Tech-Line, I spearheaded new-product sales worldwide including a heavy presence in Europe. Capturing business with major OEMs was a key factor in the highly successful launch of our new product.

■ For a technology start-up in Germany, I created and executed a strategic plan that resulted in successful penetration into a niche market—averaging 63% annual growth during my tenure.

■ Consistently, I formed beneficial strategic alliances with customers and suppliers, developing partnership models that resulted in rapid business growth—e.g., growing Tech-Line from start-up to $2 million revenue in 6 months, and then quadrupling to $8 million in just over 2 years.

As an accomplished sales and marketing executive, I know how to lead international efforts to meet revenue objectives and market-penetration goals. I am confident I can achieve growth objectives for Apex in Europe, and at our meeting I look forward to exploring the challenges and opportunities in more detail.


Anthony Andretti enclosure: resume

Letter 8: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: This new college graduate is assertively pursuing a position in pharmaceutical sales. His letter (shown in e-mail format) follows up on an earlier conversation and makes the case for an interview.

SUBJECT: Follow-up to discussion re: pharm. sales Dear Ms. Andreatti:

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about careers in pharmaceutical sales. Since our discussion, I have been reading and learning more about the field, and from what I have learned, Pharmedix is the right company and sales is the right profession for me!

Throughout my college career and employment experience, I have consistently thrived in demanding and results-focused assignments, proving that I can bring the following qualities to Pharmedix:

= = Outstanding leadership and communication skills, demonstrated in diverse roles where I have shown the ability to contribute, motivate, inspire, and build consensus.

== Sales and customer focus, repeatedly proven in challenging business environments. I have participated in the sales process, prepared presentations, responded to customer inquiries and problems, and developed programs to meet the needs of customers and constituents.

== Educational achievement. I am about to graduate from the University of Virginia with a 3.43 GPA and a BS degree in Business and a minor in Biology. In leadership roles with several organizations, I have directed very successful campuswide programs, led teams, and built support for new ideas.

I hope you will agree that I can be successful in a sales role for your company. I will call you next week to see whether we can schedule a time to meet.

Again, thank you for your support and assistance.


Troy Harris

My resume is attached as a Word file, and a text version is also pasted below for your convenience.

Letter 9: Pre-Interview, for a Specific Job Opening

Comments: David has set up a meeting with the regional sales manager for a sports-related product company. In his letter he highlights his relevant experience and success. In the closing paragraph, he hints at some good ideas that can help the company.

David Adams

2349 Bishop St., #4A, Valley Glen, CA 91405 [email protected] Home 818-978-0904 ■ Mobile 818-203-0090

March 15, 2005

Mr. James Lee

Sales Director, Western Region Fourth Down Products 2529 Alameda Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90045

Thank you for agreeing to meet with me next Wednesday. Based on our initial conversation, it seems that my ability to sell "solutions" rather than products is a good fit for your needs as you seek to expand your visibility in the Western U.S.

As noted in the enclosed resume, I have led an under-performing product division from "bit player" to its current performance: generating 33% of total revenue (up from 5%) at our location, and delivering, from a single location, 25% of total sales for our 20-site company.

Having completed this turnaround over the last 5 years, I'm eager for new challenges where my proven skills in sales, marketing, and program/event planning can contribute to a company's bottom line.

I have been thinking about the challenges you described in building your presence at the retail level, and I have some good ideas to share at our meeting. I'm excited about the future of Fourth Down and eager to contribute to your growth.


David Adams enclosure

Letter 10: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: Talia builds upon a chance encounter at a breakfast meeting and follows up with this executive to try to land an interview for a specific job opening.

Talia T. Zinn

795 Chesapeake Drive

302-349-1245 Wilmington, DE 19805 [email protected]

March 30, 2005

William Howe Regional Manager Shoppers' World 25 Victory Parkway Wilmington, DE 19801

Dear Mr. Howe:

I enjoyed speaking with you at the Chamber breakfast today and was very interested to learn of your pending managerial opening. As you suggested, I am following up with a resume.

As a successful manager for a fast-growing specialty retailer, operating three locations with distinct marketing, inventory, and customer-relations needs, I repeatedly proved my ability to deliver results, including

• profitable sales growth

• rejuvenated customer loyalty

• effective merchandising and smart product selection

• community presence and positive image-building

I have successfully tackled the challenges of store start-up, new niche-market entry, and performance turnaround. In every location I have built loyal, dedicated, hard-working teams that share my passion for customer service and retail excellence.

After many years in the Pacific Northwest, I recently returned to the Wilmington area to be closer to my aging parents. I was intrigued to see how quickly Shoppers' World has grown in this area, and I'm eager to contribute to that growth.

I will call in a day or two in hopes of setting a meeting.


Talia T. Zinn enclosure: resume

Letter 11: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: Ellen is seeking to make a career change from corporate marketing to a university setting. She carefully correlates her experience to the needs of the college.

Ellen Swanson

203-484-7948 25 Woodwind Drive, Northford, CT 06472 [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Steven Rogoff, Ed.D. Vice President Clinton College 259 Eli Drive North Haven, CT 06473

Dear Dr. Rogoff:

My neighbor, Clyde Stanton, has told me that you are looking for a new Director of Development for Clinton College. As a follow-up to the voice-mail message I left you last week, I am contacting you to express my interest in this position and share some indication of the value I offer.

My track record in corporate marketing and sales provides the foundation for success as your Director of Development. Whether positioning products or less tangible items such as a liberal arts education, it is essential to package and present solutions that meet consumers' needs, stir their interest, and communicate a strong brand message. I am a keen advocate of liberal arts education, having graduated from Smith College, and understand its value in today's complex business environment and global economy.

These achievements are representative of the value I can bring to the college:

• Heading a company's first formal product-development function, I launched a strategically focused and aggressive development program that resulted in products that now represent more than 50% of company revenue. Value to Clinton: bringing the right ideas to the development program at the right time and with the right message; succeeding in intensely competitive market conditions.

• Given a turnaround challenge, I led the division to sustained growth and returned it to profitability. Value to Clinton: continuing Clinton's recent fundraising successes and building on these accomplishments; focusing efforts on strategic priorities; energizing and leading a team to outperform expectations.

• In a direct-sales role, I achieved sales two to three times greater than my peers. Value to Clinton: using proven sales, communication, and relationship-building skills to achieve rapid results.

I know you will be reviewing candidates who have lengthy experience in academic environments. Please consider my strong business background as added value, combining proven management, sales, and marketing skills with a deep commitment to liberal arts education.

Thank you for your consideration. I will call you next week to answer any questions you might have and see whether we can schedule an appointment.


Ellen Swanson enclosure: resume

Letter 12: No Interview Is Scheduled

Comments: This letter responds to a blind ad and briefly highlights excellent experience that is directly related to the position.

Tricia Billings

London, England (through July 2005) [email protected]

March 15, 2005

Re: Market Development Manager: Posting #794-MDM

Your advertised opening for a Market Development Manager describes interesting challenges. My background and accomplishments seem to be a good match for your needs, and I'd like to explore this opportunity with you.

For 18 years I have delivered strong business results for company operations in Europe and the U.S. Most recently, I took on the challenge of rapidly growing Standard Tool's business in the U.K. In two years, we increased sales nearly four-fold through highly effective market-entry strategies, brand repositioning, and organizational restructuring.

Previously, with Global Supplies, I was instrumental in successful market entry into Western and Eastern Europe, with results that outperformed goals for both sales and profits.

May we schedule a time to talk? I am always accessible via e-mail and can arrange a phone call immediately or an in-person visit during one of my frequent trips to the U.S.

Thank you.


Tricia Billings enclosure: resume

Letter 13: Interview Is Scheduled, No Specific Job Opening

Comments: Notice how Sylvia immediately informs Mr. Barnes that she has already followed up on a lead he gave her during their phone conversation. This shows that she has initiative and good follow-through skills.

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