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Sample Cover Letter 7: No Interview Is Scheduled (Tyler Wilson-Dooley)

Comments: This letter is shown in an e-mail format and is a response to an online posting. This candidate tries to set himself apart from perhaps hundreds of candidates by emphasizing his eager interest in near-space exploration along with intangible qualities that will make him a good employee.

Subject: Software Engineer— posting SW-43902

Your posting describes needs that are a near-perfect fit for my career experience and interests. In brief, my qualifications include the following:

** Programming and scripting skills in JAVA, JavaScript, Perl, and C.

** Extensive development experience in multiple environments and methodologies.

** Leadership roles in the development of secure content managers.

** Project management experience and the ability to bring projects in on time and on budget.

But it is my passionate interest in near-space exploration that sets me apart from other candidates with similar skills and experience. I am extremely interested in putting my skills to work in the atmosphere of exploration that characterizes the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

I can easily schedule a phone interview at your convenience and would be very willing to travel to Pasadena for further discussions. I am confident I will convince you that I have the technical skills you're looking for as well as the intangible qualities—enthusiasm, energy, dedication, sense of mission, and intellectual curiosity—that characterize your best employees.

Thank you.


Tyler Wilson-Dooley

Key Points: Chapter 1

Here's a summary of the key points of this chapter:

• Whenever possible, send your cover letter and resume to someone you know.

• Try to arrange an interview before you send your cover letter and resume.

• Don't limit your job search to responding to published or posted openings. Not only will the competition be fierce, you will be missing about 85 percent of job opportunities!

• Don't waste your time and money sending form letters to hundreds of unknown people or companies.

• Always customize the content of your letter for the specific person, organization, or opportunity. Make a connection between what they are looking for and what you have to offer.

• Keep the ball in your court by informing your reader how and when you will follow up—then be sure to do so.

Chapter 2

Write Your Own 15-Minute Cover Letter

We promised you an easy-to-use, foolproof system to write cover letters that are individual, personal, and effective—in about 15 minutes. In this chapter we'll lead you through the process step by step. Along with explanations and examples, we'll give you some tools and exercises that you can use to rapidly generate material for your letters. Then we'll show you how to put it all together for a polished, professional presentation.

Here are the eight start-to-finish steps to write and send your own cover letter:

• Step 1: Create Your Format

• Step 3: State Why You're Writing and Get the Reader's Attention

• Step 4: Add Relevant, Compelling Information

• Step 5: Close with an Action Statement

• Step 6: Proofread and Polish

• Step 7: Choose the Transmission Method (Mail or E-mail)

As we expand on each of these steps in the following sections, you will find examples of different ways to present the information. In some cases we have created worksheets for you to use to develop your material, as well as "quick tips" and other suggestions for making the process as smooth and painless as possible.

If you spend time completing all of the exercises, it will take you more than 15 minutes to write your first cover letter. But after just a few times, you should have enough material and a firm grasp of the process so that you'll be able to move rapidly through each step, creating, reviewing, and sending cover letters quickly and easily for each unique opportunity you uncover during your search.

Step 1: Create Your Format

You can use a Wizard or template from your word-processing program or copy the heading and font choices from your resume. Either way, start out by creating a new word-processing file and showing your name, address, telephone number(s), and e-mail address at the top of the page. This information does not have to be extremely large and prominent, but you do want to make it easy for readers to contact you right away if they are interested in your background.

For the body of your letter, we recommend a fairly conservative font that is easy to read. Times New Roman, Arial, Book Antiqua, Bookman, Garamond, and Tahoma are attractive fonts that are found on most PCs. If you want to use a more decorative or distinctive font for your name, go ahead and do so. Just be sure it is not too playful or hard to read.

To create a cohesive, highly professional image, be sure that your cover letter mimics the font and style choices of your resume.

Save your document with a distinctive name that will allow you to access the file quickly when you need it. You might label it according to the organization name or person you are writing to. Or if you are starting out by creating a generic letter that you plan to customize for individual letters throughout your search, be sure your file name reflects this fact.

Following are three different ways to format a cover letter. There is no rule for what's right or what's best—use your judgment and choose something you like, whether one of these or one of your own. We advise that you keep your format professional looking and that you use something that is easy for you to reproduce time after time as you write customized cover letters throughout your search.

Tip: 4 cover letter sent as an e-mail message requires a different format than a traditional paper letter. In Step 7 we address this issue and provide complete details for converting your word-processing file to an e-mail message. For now, we suggest that you follow the formatting steps outlined here so that you will have the print format ready to go when you need it.

15-Minute Cover Letter Format Example 1

Sandra Smithers

Home 513-249-8409 • Mobile 513-606-3909

[email protected]

7529 Fallen Oak Lane, Loveland, OH 45140


Mr. Rafael Montoya Accounting Manager West Side Realty 2509 Central Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45204

Dear Mr. Montoya:

Opening paragraph

Paragraph of relevant, compelling information

Closing paragraph Sincerely,

Sandra Smithers attachment: resume


Text font: Times New Roman, 11 pt. Headline (name) font: Verdana Bold, 18 pt.

Format Example 2

Steven Adams

11099 Desert Sands Drive Tempe, AZ 27317 827-876-0043 [email protected]


Ellen Masterson, R.N. Director of Nursing Mercy Hospital 7450 Hospital Drive Phoenix, AZ 27312

Dear Ms. Masterson:

Opening paragraph

Paragraph of relevant, compelling information Paragraph of relevant, compelling information Closing paragraph

Sincerely yours,

Steven Adams



Text font: Arial, 11 pt.

Headline (name) font: Arial Black, 18pt., small caps

Format Example 3

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100 Cover Letter Tips

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