DARRYL T. POSTON 4525 Carmel Court, Indianapolis, IN 46210

317-204-8040 ■ [email protected]

April 30, 2005

Sharon Hanrahan, Sales Manager Alpha Omega Services 252 Court Street Indianapolis, IN 46201

Dear Sharon:

I am looking forward to meeting with you on Friday to continue the conversation we started at last month's Downtowners event. We agreed that one of the characteristics of a successful sales professional is persistence. Now that I've more thoroughly researched your company, I don't intend to give up trying until I am successful in joining one of the best sales teams in the business and one of the best organizations in town!

My sales background is strong. In each of the last four years, in two different sales positions, I have exceeded my sales goals by 10% or more. I attribute this success to superior closing skills and dedication to every step of the sales process.

Since January, my performance has been measured by how well I continue selling after the initial sale is made. Customers come to me after they have decided to purchase a new car, and I sell them financing plans and add-on features and services. By carefully listening to my customers' needs and recommending the addons that are right for them, I have sold more extended service plans and dealerinstalled stereo systems than anyone in my position in the last five years.

I'm confident I can deliver similar results for Alpha Omega, and I am eager to be part of your team.

If you have any questions before our meeting, please contact me by phone or email. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you at 3 pm on Friday.


Darryl T. Poston attachment

Sample Cover Letter 3: After an Interview (Ted Markham)

Comments: This letter shows how you might follow up after an interview and make a pitch for solving a problem—even when no job formally exists. In this example, the writer suggests that he can use his skills to solve a specific problem he uncovered during his conversation with the employer. Although it never occurs to many job seekers to set up an interview where there appears to be no job opening, jobs are created as a result of such interviews.

Ted Markham 7529 Old Bay Boulevard, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

727-249-8349 — [email protected]

April 30, 2005

Shannon Edwards

Vice President, Marketing & Community Relations Highland Hospital 2945 Hospital Road Tampa, FL 33605

Dear Ms. Edwards:

Thank you for taking time to meet with me on Wednesday. I was impressed with everything I learned about Highland Hospital—you have just the culture, challenges, and people that I find create the most satisfying work environment. I realize you don't have a position available right now for someone with my skills, but I would like to keep in touch and share some ideas with you from time to time.

I have been thinking about one of the challenges we discussed. Your need for enhancing ties with current physicians as well as recruiting new doctors matches the situation I faced at Sarasota Regional Hospital. By tapping into our strong network of volunteers and board members, I was able to improve our communications with physicians and get better results in our recruiting initiatives. If you have an interest, I would be happy to share more details of what we did and how effective it was.

Thank you, also, for suggesting I speak with Roger Midland at South Coastal Health Center. I have a call in to him, and I will follow up with you next week to let you know how our conversation goes. If there is anything I can do for you in the meantime, please call; the best number to reach me is my cell phone, 727-249-8349.


Ted Markham

P.S. A copy of my resume is attached for your files—or to pass along to someone who you think might be interested in talking to me. As I mentioned, I am eager to make a move within the next six to nine months.

Sample Cover Letter 4: No Interview Is Scheduled (Brett Samuelson)

Comments: This letter makes an immediate connection with the recipient by mentioning a referral from a professional association. This type of connection can be an excellent source of contacts and job leads. Note that the writer will call again to arrange an appointment. This is an effective message because it leaves the ball firmly in the job seeker's court. Instead of relying on a busy executive to pick up the phone, the person with the most at stake (you, the job seeker) should persist in seeking a telephone conversation and ultimately an in-person meeting.

Brett Samuelson

295 Skyline Drive, Ft. Thomas, KY 41015 Home 859-349-9076 • Mobile 859-208-0987 • [email protected]

April 30, 2005

Mr. Thomas Elder Director of Marketing Sabatino Specialties, Inc. 259 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

Dear Mr. Elder:

Rachel Koehler (current president of the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association) suggested that I contact you about marketing opportunities that you may know of in your role as chairman of the Cincinnati Incubator marketing board. I hope you received my voice-mail message on Monday—as promised, I am following up with more information.

I recently married and relocated to the Cincinnati area, and I am eager to find a young technology company that needs an experienced marketing professional to help introduce its innovations to various business markets.

My background and interests are a good fit for emerging high-tech companies. Since completing my MBA, I've helped two fledgling software developers gain solid traction in their markets. I understand how to position and present new technology concepts to business audiences (emphasizing business benefits, not just technology advances).

I will call you early next week to follow up. I appreciate any ideas, referrals, or assistance you can offer! Sincerely,

Brett Samuelson

P.S. The enclosed resume provides more detailed information about my experience, expertise, and track record.

Writing Cover Letters to People

You Don't Know

If it is not practical to directly contact a prospective employer by phone or some other method, it is acceptable to send a resume and cover letter. This approach makes sense in some situations, such as if you are moving to a distant location or responding to a blind ad offering only a post office box number.

In other instances, you might have tried but cannot connect with the person you are writing to. Because your time and other resources are limited, it does not make sense for you to spend hours pursuing contact information for a newspaper ad. Neither do you want to ignore these opportunities. We recommend that you make one or two phone calls to try make a connection and customize your letter. But if you are unsuccessful, it is better to respond with a generic letter than not to respond at all. To make these letters as effective as possible, try to find something you have in common with the person or company you are contacting. You will see some examples of how this is done in the following sample letters.

Note: It is a fact that most people do not find their jobs through newspaper ads or Internet postings. The reality is that only about 15 percent of people find jobs through these two methods combined, according to a survey conducted by the New York Times in 2002. Job seekers who spend most of their time sending out dozens (or hundreds) of letters and resumes in response to ads often feel frustrated when they get no response. Not only that, their search takes longer than necessary. We want to repeat our recommendation that you write to people you know or people you can get to know. You will get a better response to your letters, and your job search activities will be much more purposeful and satisfying.

Sample Cover Letter 5: Response to a Want Ad (Antonio Ruiz)

Comments: This letter does a good job of outlining the candidate's credentials as relevant to the position advertised. The bullet points give the reader a quick overview of his qualifications; then more detail is provided if the reader cares to know more before turning to the resume. Note the explanation for relocating to Florida—and note how prominently this is displayed, directly under his name at the top of the page. This can help ease an employer's concerns about the cost of bringing in someone from outside the area.

Because this letter was written in response to a blind ad, Antonio cannot state when and how he will be following up. In cases like this, a less assertive closing must be used, but it is still a good idea to ask for further contact.

Re: Licensed Contractor Position, Miami Herald, April 27, 2005

With in-depth construction management experience and a 30-year record of never missing a project-completion date, I have proven skills and a track record of performance that can benefit your company as a Licensed Contractor.

In brief, I offer

• Expertise in all facets of commercial/industrial and residential construction

• State of Florida General Contractor license (fully up to date with annual CEUs)

• Record of 100% on-time, on-budget project completion

• High quality standards and ability to get top results from contractor crews

• Proven dependability, integrity, and dedication to customer satisfaction

As a partner in a small construction company, I have managed every stage of a project, from preparing bids to handing over keys to new owners. Through active daily oversight on every project, I eliminate problems such as subcontractor miscommunication, faulty construction, blueprint misinterpretation, and carelessness. My relationships with subcontractors (both managers and crew) have always been excellent, and I am able to create the teamwork necessary for successful, profitable projects.

I have been a regular visitor to Florida for more than 10 years and now plan to make the state my permanent home. The position with your company sounds like an excellent fit for my skills and track record. May we schedule a time to talk?


Antonio Ruiz Enclosure: Resume

Antonio Ruiz

Mobile: 317-218-4594

Relocating to Florida May 2005

[email protected]

Sample Cover Letter 6: Unsolicited Resume Sent to Obtain an Interview (Jennifer Tolles)

Comments: In this letter, the candidate makes an immediate connection by referring to a recent news article that featured the school system to which she is applying. Her bullet points make additional connections to what she learned about the school district. This helps send the message that she understands and fits into the unique culture of that organization. Notice how she indicates that she will call in hopes of setting up a meeting. Although she could not make a connection beforehand, she will work diligently to establish one after the fact.

Job Breakthrough

Job Breakthrough

This resume template has been created to help you follow the sections and structure of the resume outlined in this video training, feel free to play around with it. It will enhance you to deliver a winning resume that is guarantee to get you an interview to your potential employer, so take the time to customize it and make it yours.

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