JIST CardsA Mini Resume and a Powerful Job Search Tool

JIST Cards are a job search tool that gets results. I (Mike Farr, one of this book's authors) first developed them many years ago, almost by accident. I helped job seekers create them to get attention and "leave something behind" after dropping in without appointments to ask for interviews with employers. Many thousands of job seekers have used them in every imaginable print and electronic format and they still get attention—and interviews—that more traditional tools do not.

A JIST Card is carefully constructed to contain all the essential information most employers want to know in a very short format. It typically uses a 3 x 5—inch card format, but has been designed into many other sizes and formats, such as a folded business card.

Your JIST Card can be as simple as handwritten or created with graphics and on special papers. You create a JIST Card in addition to a resume because a JIST Card is used in a different way.

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Job Breakthrough

Job Breakthrough

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