More Sample Thank You Notes

Following are a few more samples of thank-you notes and letters. They cover a variety of situations and will give you ideas on how to structure your own correspondence. Notice that they are all short and friendly, and typically mention that the writer will follow up in the future—a key element of a successful job search campaign.

Also note that several are following up on interviews where no specific job opening exists—yet. As we've mentioned elsewhere in this book, getting interviews before a job opening exists is a very smart thing to do.

Figure 4-4: After an Informational Interview

Comments: This letter is a follow-up to an informational meeting with a person who has already provided some referrals and might be in a position to provide even more.

Richard Tallant 206-595-2781 Home • 206-218-8712 Mobile

[email protected] 3909 43rd Street NE, Seattle, WA 98128

March 30, 2005

John P. Edmonds

President, Pharmedic Networks, Inc. 2912 Second Street Seattle, WA 98108

Dear Mr. Edmonds:

Thank you for taking my call today. I was pleased to discover that you might have a need for an executive with my experience and track record, and I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday.

As we discussed, I have been successful building profitable companies in today's dynamic healthcare market—growing revenues, outperforming profit goals, and achieving dominant market position for diverse organizations that include start-ups, multiple mergers, and regional expansions. For example:

• As Senior VP for the Northwest Region of an expanding services organization, I led a performance turnaround that resulted in 225% revenue growth and 353% increase in operating income.

• Previously, as Operations VP, I orchestrated the smooth integration of 10 companies into a cohesive organization—all the while adding new institutional customers and expanding into new service lines.

• In the emerging arena of pharmacy services to the LTC market, I played the lead role in growing a single-site company to a highly profitable regional leader with 45 sites.

I offer strong sales/marketing and operations leadership skills and the proven ability to drive growth and improvement. The result is a tightly run, clearly focused organization whose people "own" the vision and communicate the brand value at every customer interaction. My deep knowledge of the healthcare industry (long term care services, managed care, insurance, healthcare technology) is the foundation for innovative vision, practical strategy, and the ability to spot opportunities.

When we meet, I'd like to share with you some ideas I have for growing both your pharmacy services and your medical supplies operations. Thank you, again, for your interest.


Richard Tallant enclosure: resume

Figure 4-5: To Someone Who Has Been Helpful

Comments: Notice how Allan has been able to return the favor to this person who was helpful in his job search.

Allan P. Raymond, CPA

29 Brookside Drive, Mystic, CT 06433 860.239.7671 • [email protected]

March 30, 2005

Ellen Farmer

President, Sound Financial

112 Front Street

New London, CT 06321

Dear Ms. Farmer:

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Your ideas were excellent, and I have already reached out to both of the contacts you suggested. Like you, both Mr. Avenida and Mr. Stroman felt that my background makes me a great fit for a small- to medium-sized CPA firm that needs an experienced professional. I am vigorously pursuing all leads and hope that you will keep me in mind as you interact with various business leaders in the New London area.

To that end, I have enclosed a few JIST Cards that are a convenient way for you to pass along my credentials.

As a small way of returning the favor, I have given your name and business cards to two people I know who are in financial transition (Mary McCormick is getting a divorce, and Chris Taylor recently came into a small inheritance) and suggested they give you a call. From what you told me, your services would be a great fit for their special circumstances.

If I can be of further help to you, please let me know. And as you suggested, I will follow up with you from time to time to keep you informed of my progress. Thanks so much!

Best regards,

Allan P. Raymond enclosures

Figure 4-6: No Opening Currently Exists

Comments: In this letter, Janine makes the case for hiring her even though an opening does not currently exist. Her "pitch" is soft-sell, professional, and focused on the employer's and client's needs.

Janine T. McGuire

512-349-1265 749-A Whistler Court, Austin, TX 78714 [email protected]

March 30, 2005

Robert Smith

Vice President of Operations Sanibel Systems, Inc. 4545 Round Rock Parkway Austin, TX 78710

Dear Bob:

The information you shared at our meeting today was extremely helpful, and I am very grateful.

I appreciate that you will keep me in mind for a project leadership role with your company. I am quite willing to start on an interim, as-needed basis; I am sure I will be able to prove very quickly that I offer great value to your firm and your clients.

In particular, Bob, your upcoming work for Bedrock Systems is very close to my experience with Apex. As you will recall, I led a reengineering project with the purchasing department to bring activities and initiatives in line with the company's strategic goals. The results were remarkable ($4 million in cost savings in 18 months) and are directly related to Bedrock's current needs and challenges.

I will keep in touch, Bob, and hope you will call on me if there is some way I can be of help.

Most sincerely,

Janine T. McGuire

Figure 4-7: To Build a Relationship

Comments: With this letter, Jamie is building a relationship that can be of help—if not immediately, then in the future. Note the P.S., which shows creative thinking while providing some helpful information to the company.

Jamie Van Horn

253 Silverton Trail, Phoenix, AZ 85017 602-779-1682 • [email protected]

March 30, 2005

Sally Osborne Southwest District Manager Pfizer Pharmaceuticals 6512 Scottsdale Boulevard Phoenix, AZ 85010

Dear Ms. Osborne:

You have confirmed my belief that a pharmaceutical sales career is a great fit for my talents and interests! I really appreciate the time and information you shared with me today.

I understand that there are no current openings in your Southwest District. Of course, I would be pleased to remain here in Phoenix, but I am very open to relocating, and I understand that it is often necessary to move around a bit as one gets established in this field.

Thank you for offering to share my information with others at your company. To make this easy for you, I am enclosing several JIST Cards and extra copies of my resume.

Again, thank you. I will keep in touch.

Very truly yours,

Jamie Van Horn enclosures

P.S. Thinking about the marketing challenges we discussed for your new drug Top-ex, it seems to me that a good way to gain exposure while doing good would be to provide samples for homeless shelters. Foot problems related to diabetes are a real issue for the homeless population. Perhaps you have thought of this already—but if not, I think it is worth studying!

Figure 4-8: Reinforcing "Fit"

Comments: This brief note reinforces the candidate's "fit" with the culture of the company he is targeting. It is always a good strategy to keep in touch with your contacts and to get their permission to do so during your meeting, even if they do not think they will be able to hire you.

March 30, 2005 Dear samantha,

I know how busy you are, and I am extremely grateful that you were willing to share some time with me on Monday.

I realize that you do not have an opening for me at this time, but I am very interested injoining the Armanda team. From my research, backed up by what you told me on Monday, it is a great fit for not only my skills and expertise, but my preferred work style as well. There is nothing that motivates me more than a tough challenge and a tight deadline!

As you suggested, I will touch base with you in about a month to see whether things have changed.

In the meantime, if there is any way that I can be of help to you, please let me know. sincerely,

Ryder Wilson

Figure 4-9: Asking for the Job

Comments: In keeping with the need for salespeople to be assertive, this letter is a rather bold request for the job.

Kathy Miller

2943 Hillside Street, Unit 2-B ■ Oakland, California 94624 ■ 510-245-7450 ■ [email protected]

March 30, 2005

Steve Rostakoff Western Regional Manager NuTraders Network 9090 Mile High Drive Denver, CO 80209

Dear Steve:

NuTraders has an exciting future, and I would like to help the Institutional Services division skyrocket to a market-dominant position in the West.

NuTraders' new offerings put the company in a short-term position of market advantage. To seize this advantage requires a "hit the ground running" sales approach. As we discussed, my experience with Schwab closely parallels your new Western Sales Manager position. I know the market... I know the key players... I know the industry and the products. and I have the experience and track record to deliver both immediate revenue results and sustainable long-term growth.

With the right person at the helm, the first-year goal of $100 million in sales is easily reachable. I believe I am that person. I hope you agree.

As you requested, I am attaching a list of professional references, and I will follow up with you on April 6 to see whether you have any additional questions. Thank you for sharing so much time and information with me this week; I am inspired by your enthusiasm and eager to play a part in building a strong Western Region for NuTraders.


Kathy Miller enclosure

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