Two Very Important Points About Job Search Methods

We want to make two points that apply to the Internet as well as to other job search methods:

1. It is unwise to rely on just one or two job search methods. You should use every option available to you, including networking and responding to job postings online and off.

2. It is essential that you take an active rather than a passive approach in your job search. You can't sit back and wait for employers to call you. You must talk to people and find the jobs.

Avoid the Temptation to Just Scan This Material—Do the Activities

We know that you will resist doing the activities included here. But trust us: Completing them is worthwhile. Those who do them will have a better sense of what they are good at, what they want to do, and how to go about doing it. They are likely to get more interviews and to present themselves better in those interviews. Is this worth giving up a night of TV? Yes, we think so.

Interestingly, you will—after reading this chapter and doing its activities— have spent more time planning your career than most people. You will know far more than the average job seeker about how to go about finding a job. Although you may want to know more, what you learn here is enough to get you started.

This book will teach you techniques to find a better job in less time. But job seeking requires you to act, not just learn. So consider what you can do to put the techniques to work for you. Do the activities. Create a daily plan. Get more interviews—today, not tomorrow. You see, the sooner and harder you get to work on your job search, the shorter it is likely to be.

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