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A JIST Card is small, so it can't contain many details. It should list only the information that is most important to employers. To write your card, follow these steps:

1. Type your name at the top of the card. You can center it and use bold text to make it stand out, as you would on a resume.

2. Give two ways for the employer to contact you. Space down a few lines and left-align this information. Generally, all you will need to include is your daytime phone number or cell phone number and your e-mail address.

3. Give a broad job objective. Space down another line or two and left-align this information. A broad objective will allow you to be considered for many jobs.

4. List your years of experience. Space down again and add one sentence that summarizes how long you have been working in this field.

5. Detail your education and training. In the same paragraph, add a sentence that tells what degrees, certifications, diplomas, and other relevant training you have.

Tip: JIST Cards are an effective job search tool! Give them to friends and network contacts. Attach one to a resume. Enclose them in your thank-you notes before or after an interview. Leave one with an employer as a business card. Send one as an e-mail or e-mail attachment for people to forward to others. Use them in many creative ways. Put lots of them into circulation.

6. Showcase your job-related skills. Still in the same paragraph, add up to four sentences that tell what you can do and how well you can do it. Be sure to include accomplishments and numbers to support them.

7. State your availability and preferred working arrangements. If applicable, space down and add a sentence that states any special availability you might have, such as "interested in part-time work," or "available with two weeks' notice."

8. End with your key adaptive skills. Space down a few more lines and add one last sentence that tells what personality traits you have that make you a good employee.

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