Get Ready Wander the Internet

When you are ready to get out there, several options are available. I suggest you explore the Web. There are many on-line databases that can provide you with information about all aspects of publishing. I have listed a few in the resource section at the end of this book (page 159). You can find information and resources about literary agents, journals, magazines, and publishers. Of course, you now have the opportunity to publish on-line.

Many literary journals and magazines have on-line versions that publish fiction and nonfiction. There also are legitimate creative writing journals that publish only on-line. The exciting thing about on-line publication is that the result is fairly instantaneous. You may see your story on-line within hours or days, whereas with traditional print publications, the wait can be much longer. Don't be seduced by the ease of publishing on the Internet.

On-line publications do not always highlight good writing. As with any publication, familiarize yourself with an on-line publication before you submit your work. Find out about the publication. What is its readership? What are its copyright standards? If you are not impressed with what the site publishes, chances are you will not want your work to appear on it. Be aware that a lot of mediocre work gets published, particularly on-line. You want your writing to find a home, not a junkpile. Do your research and submit your work to the sites that publish good writing.

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