Writing Practice

Brainstorm 10 premises for a science fiction, fantasy, or horror story. Alternatively, choose one of the prompts below and freewrite a 10-minute sketch.

• A man discovers a button on his cell phone that allows him to tap into any other cell phone conversation that he witnesses.

• A young girl playing in a forbidden room of her grandmother's house discovers a finger bone.

• Two women drive home from a party; at an intersection, the passenger is sprayed with a water gun from a passing car, which causes a radical alteration in her perception of time.

• A child is born with both lungs and gills.

• The husband of an engineer falls in love with his wife's best friend, then discovers that she is an android.

Science fiction is born from the question, "what if?" When I was in high school, I wrote a science fiction story about a girl who was born with hollow, birdlike bones. In order to write the story, I had to research the bone structure of birds and the possibility of such bones supporting a human body. The premise of the story preceded any exploration of the character herself.

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