All the Characters Sound the Same

In addition to all the dialogue sounding the same, the next common problem with dialogue is there seems to be no differentiation between each character's style of speech. The writers don't seem to care whether or not the character is a society matron, a waitress, a gangster, a teenager, educated, illiterate, southern or northern. They make the dialogue sound alike for all of them.

Your dialogue should not be interchangeable among your various characters. Before you write dialogue get inside your character and listen to him talk. If he's a teenager in the 21st century, he'll speak different from a teenager living in the 1960s. If you're writing about a modern day teenager, observe teenagers at their local hangouts or their school, so you can describe the slang and their special "in talk." Don't make a society matron sound like a prostitute. Decide what kind of dialogue you need to fit your specific character, then make it sound appropriate for that character.

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