Blueprint For Screenwriting Checklist For Success

1. Do you have only one main character?

2. Does your main character have a desperate goal he wants to reach?

3. Do you know your ending first and then work backwards to the beginning?

4. Does your opening set off the action of the story?

5. Is your main character active and not passive?

6. Do you have conflict in every scene?

7. Does every character in your work move the main character's story forward?

8. Do you hook your audience and reader by the first 10 pages ?

9. Does every scene relate to your plot structure or spine?

10. Does your work have a single storyline?

11. Are all of your scenes written in a cause-and-effect manner? How do you know this?

12. Is there an emotional relationship between your main character and another character? If yes, with whom?

13. Does your main character change in the climax?

14. Is your plot resolved in the climax?

15. Does each scene have a single purpose? Write it in a sentence or two.

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