Blueprint For Screenwriting Tips To Improve Your Creativity

1. Start the day with a new approach. Instead of writing on your computer try a legal pad with pen, because you will write more naturally without worrying about a mechanical process. Get a change of scenery and don't write at your desk, just go out in nature and relax.

2. Put on relaxing music when you write and put the rhythms of the music into the rhythms of your words.

3. Trust your "gut feelings" and your natural instincts when you first start to write. Learn to rely more on your intuition than your logic.

4. Take a break from your writing and go for a walk on your favorite path. Take time to discover new things you've never seen before—pretend you're a tourist this time.

5. Take five to fifteen minutes a day to daydream. Really allow your imagination to soar and let your playful child come out then write from your child's voice.

6. Read poetry for at least 10 minutes before you begin to write. Nursery rhymes are especially good, because they have a natural rhythm and meter, which connects you to your creativity.

7. Visit the ocean, a river or park and write a brief paragraph about your experience. Describe the colors, sounds, and smells of nature in words using your sense of touch, taste, sound, sight and smell.

8. Set a timer for at least twenty minutes when you first start to write. Don't stop writing until the timer goes off. This automatic writing will help you avoid being critical or judgmental.

9. Start a journal and write in it daily. Record your feelings and thoughts as well as noting your behavior and relationships. This will sharpen your observation skills.

10. Start a dream journal and record your day dreams as well as your night dreams. Your dreams will provide you with a wealth of material for your writing projects. Listen to your dreams— you created them!

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