Blueprint For Writing

Here are 25 KEY questions you need to answer to create your blueprint for success to market yourself and your script.

1. Why aren't good screenplays enough?

2. What's the worst part about getting rejected?

3. Why do you need a market approach to your writing?

4. What are you selling? Who are you selling to?

5. What does your product look like?

6. What does your format look like?

7. What market are you selling to? What do they need?

8. Does your writing fit their needs?

9. What do you say about yourself before you say anything?

10. Write how others would describe you.

11. Write about what you want them to say.

12. What happens when you open your mouth?

13. How do you introduce yourself?

14. How do you talk about your writing?

15. Create a Brag Sheet. List all your credits, your writing ability, your talent.

16. List reasons why you take yourself seriously as a writer.

17. Introduce yourself as a writer.

18. Tell another person about your script.

19. List everyone you've ever met who could help you in the writing game.

20. List five ways you can make more contacts.

21. What do you do if you don't have an agent?

22. How do you get an agent?

23. What do you do after your work's rejected?

24. What are some of the personal barriers that might hold you back?

25. Develop a workable plan to survive the writing game.

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