Character Conflict

Conflict is the strength of any exciting character and story. Without conflict, characters don't have drive, desire or desperation. Without conflict there's no story, just words. Conflict is one of the most important building blocks for exciting characters and dramatic stories.

Through conflict your characters shed their layers bit by bit until we discover the different aspects of their hidden self. The characters' internal conflicts create the dramatic action for your story. This chapter includes various types of conflicts and the overt and covert reactions to conflict. You'll learn how to throw characters into the middle of conflict to give them momentum, tension and suspense. It is conflict which forces them to take off their masks.

It is not enough to give your main character a specific goal he desperately wants to reach. A character must also have obstacles that stand in the way of him reaching his goal. If he doesn't have to struggle, there is no conflict, and without conflict there is no drama. Conflict is one of the major building blocks for exciting writing.

Since all dramatic writing must contain conflict, how do you get conflict? You first give your main character a goal and then you put obstacles and opposition in the path of his goal. These obstacles are necessary to create conflict. The greater the obstacles and complications, the more hurdles your main character has to overcome, the more powerful and absorbing is your conflict.

Ask yourself what would your characters fight for. What do they want desperately enough to motivate them into taking action and move the story to its climax? The ultimate question is what would your characters die for? Inherent in the answer to these questions is conflict of the best kind. The more intense the conflict the more exciting your script will be.

There are three kinds of conflict. You can use one of these types of conflict when writing your story or use all of them, which makes for more suspense and drama:

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