Preface: Blueprint for Screenwriting vii

Chapter 1 Creativity: Your Blueprint for Ideas 1

Chapter 2 Building Your Story 11

Chapter 3 Constructing Your Blueprint: Laying Down 20 the Framework

Chapter 4 Story Structure: The Screenplay's 31 Foundation

Chapter 5 The Main Character 39

Chapter 6 Characters and Conflict 49

Chapter 7 Creating the Character's Emotional Arc: 58 The Heart of the Story

Chapter 8 The Psychology of Characters 67

Chapter 9 Structuring Scenes and Acts 77

Chapter 10 The Outline, the Treatment, The Synopsis 88

chapter 11 Script Format 96

chapter 12 Dialogue 106

Chapter 13 Subtext 114

chapter 14 Writing From Your Inner Cast 124 of Characters chapter 15 Overcoming Writer's Block 136

Chapter 16 The Completed Screenplay 150

Afterword: How to Survive 153 the Writing Game

Index 167

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