Creativity And Imagination

So how do you get ideas for your screenplay? Where do ideas for your screenplay come from? Well, it has to do with your own imagination and from your creativity. What is creativity? Creativity is free-flowing energy and when you are connected to your own inner world, where your creativity resides, you will find a myriad of ideas for your screenplays.

Creativity has to be available to you at the beginning of your writing because without creative ideas, concepts, or thoughts you have nothing to write about and can't start any writing project.

Creativity is where all poetry, art, drama, music and ideas come from that touch people on a deep emotional level. Creativity is made up of two parts. First there is Primary Creativity which comes from your unconscious and the right hemisphere of your brain, the source of all new ideas and insights. It's where your inspiration comes from and makes up only 10% of the creative process. Then, there is Secondary Creativity, which comes from the left hemisphere and is the 90% that involves editing, discipline, logic, structure, rewriting, and order.

Creativity includes both inspiration and perspiration and as a writer you need to discover how to combine the elements of art or primary creativity, with the elements of craft or secondary creativity. Both components are necessary to be a fully creative writer and you need to strike a balance between the two. For example, if an automobile is to run smoothly you must have all the parts working together. If the engine breaks down, a tire goes flat or you run out of gas, your car won't run. Each part depends upon the other.

The same is true for writing. If you can access your creativity and come up with more ideas than you know what to do with, but you don't know how to put them into a craft or a structure, your writing will break down, too. If you know craft, but have blocked your creativity your writing will be flat and your characters will be weak and run out of gas. And finally, you must have respect for structure which is necessary to transform your shapeless inner world into a concrete blueprint or your writing will stall.

To be a productive and successful screenwriter you must write from both your heart and from your head, the basis of all great writing. Writing from your heart enables you to increase your creative output and allows you to reveal who you truly are and put it in your writing. When you write from your heart the writing is passionate, original, and honest. It has greater intensity and depth of emotions, which enables your audience to identify with your screenplay.

To be a more creative writer is to have the courage to return to your childhood memories, where you were freer and less self-conscious, than you probably are now. When you first begin to write allow that spontaneous creative side of you to emerge through your words without criticizing or analyzing your writing.

Abraham H. Maslow, author of The Farther Reaches of the Human Nature said in an October, 1962 lecture:

The creative attitude requires both courage and strength and most studies of creative people have reported one or another version of courage ... that becoming more courageous makes it easier to let oneself be attracted by mystery, by the unfamiliar ... by the ambiguous and contradictory, by the universal and unexpected.

In childhood the fusion of primary and secondary creativity is found in us, but unfortunately lost in most of us as we grow up and as adults learn to hide our true self behind the many masks we wear. To become more creative is to allow yourself the opportunity to become a playful, joyous child, to be courageous and not afraid, to let go and have fun with your writing. By allowing your child to come out and play when you first begin to write, you'll be less judgmental, constricted, and rigid about your writing, and hopefully the words will flow.

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