Creativity Your Blueprint for Ideas

"Ideas we don't know we have, have us."

Story structure and character development are the architecture for building your blueprint. Without a solid structure your characters will be transparent. And without multidimensional characters your structure will collapse. You may ask as thousands of writers do: "Which comes first the structure or the character?" My response to that question is, "Neither."

To me character is structure and structure is character. How can you possibly separate the two? This is like saying which came first, the chicken or the egg? It is through a character's choices, decisions and actions that a plot or structure is created. Plot is character and character is plot. They are synergistic and just go together.

However, before learning about plot and character, you need to have ideas about what you want to write. And believe it or not many writers aren't able to access any ideas for their screenplay. Why? They aren't able to reach their own creativity or imagination, be cause they're not allowing the creativity to flow since they're too analytical too soon in the writing process.

On the other hand, I've worked with writers who had many ideas they wanted to write and yet had trouble developing a story for their ideas. In other cases, writers had the story they wanted to write, but had no idea how to develop the characters needed for their story.

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