Emotional Dialogue

Put emotional intensity into your exposition while you relate the pertinent information. Give information during times of crisis, for example, when a teenager is arrested, a woman is revealed as a thief, or a man loses his job. Whatever you do, don't have your exposition sound like a lecture. Make it so dramatic and interesting your audience won't even be aware they are receiving information.

Examples of films with fabulous dialogue are American Beauty, Kissingjessica Stein, and Sylvia. The dialogue comes from the characters and reflects their personalities. It also reveals the characters and moves the story forward. In these films, when information is given, it is done in such a unique way that the dialogue seems natural and interesting.

Today in the entertainment industry, writers are more concerned with their screenplay being a good "read" more than they were in the past. This means the rules aren't quite as rigid and much of their exposition is more personal. In fact, in a recent screenplay that was bought for over a million dollars, the writer refers to a love scene as being "so hot that it would shock my mother."

Practice listening to people speaking wherever you go. Train your ear for accents and dialects. Become an observer of people as they talk, so you can learn how to use mannerisms and gestures with your dialogue. Make your dialogue dramatic when giving vital information. And most of all, be sure you have no unnecessary words, keep your dialogue to the point, and filled with conflict. Use strong verbs in your exposition and make your sentences speak out with power.

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