Example Of Script Format

This example of script format doesn't contain any camera angles and very little adjectives or adverbs.

This is how all scenes for your screenplay should be written. You also use this format for a television movie, except you need more act breaks.



NANCY WINTERS, 42 attractive brunette is wearing a hospital gown. She walks toward a table, which has a bottle of champagne on it and takes a glass. She fills up the glass with champagne.


Let's have another drink. As long as I'm breaking the rules, I want to enjoy myself.

MICHAEL WINTERS, 45, slightly built looks at her. He needs a shave and has a worried look on his face.

MICHAEL Do you think you should have any more?

NANCY Why not. If I get drunk you won't have to worry about putting me to bed will you?

She holds her glass in her hand and pours some more wine. Her hand shakes and it spills as she pours it. She quickly gulps it down. Michael gets up and tries to take the glass from her. She pushes him away.

NANCY (CONT'D.) (yelling) Leave me alone!

Michael walks to a chair and sits down. He picks up the newspaper and begins reading.

NANCY (CONT'D.) I'm sorry. It's just that I'm so nervous. Tell me again what the doctor told you.

MICHAEL I already told you. How many times do I have to say it.

NANCY Please, just once more.

Michael doesn't look at her while he speaks.

MICHAEL He said there's nothing to worry about. It's just minor surgery. You'll be fine, just fine.

NANCY Are you certain that's all? Look at me.

Michael turns to face her.

MICHAEL Yes, I'm sure.

Nancy goes to the bottle and pours herself another full glass. She smiles as she takes a long gulp.

NANCY I'll drink to that, (takes a sip)

When I'm out of here, let's go on a trip. What about that cross country trip we never took?

Michael continues reading the newspaper. He looks up at Nancy.

MICHAEL Sure, sure that sounds just great.

He resumes his reading while Nancy continues looking at him


Or maybe we can take that cruise we always planned. What do you think?

Michael doesn't respond.

NANCY (cont'd.) Or else we could use the money to redecorate the house and forget the trips entirely, (beat) But you always wanted to take a Safari to Africa, and I know I'd be up to it in a few weeks. Right? Michael? What do you think?

MICHAEL Sounds great.

NANCY Which one? The trip here in the states or in Africa?

MICHAEL Either. Whatever one you want.

She looks at him.

NANCY Are you sure you're telling me everything he said?

MICHAEL Believe me! I told you everything.

He gets up and walks to her. He puts his arms around her.

Nancy leans in his arms and rests her head on his shoulder.

NANCY I'm sorry. I know everything will be just fine. I'm just a worry wart.

MICHAEL As if I didn't know.

He takes his hand and messes up her hair, turns and quickly walks back to the chair. He sits down.


Michael, why did I have to sign that release?

MICHAEL (Casually) That's just routine. Say, guess who sent you candy? The Wagners. I have the mail. Look at all these cards!

He reaches in his pocket and takes out a bundle of cards. He gets up and starts to hand them to Nancy, but she covers her eyes and begins to SOB. The cards fall to the floor.

NANCY I should have been home by now. God, I thought all the tests were negative. Why more surgery? Don't lie to me, Michael, please, (beat)

Michael, I'm so scared.

Nancy collapses on the bed face down and continues SOBBING. Michael looks away and quickly wipes his eyes. He rushes to her and pats her on the back.

MICHAEL You'll be fine. The doctor just has to satisfy himself that all the surrounding tissue is clean. That's all there is to it.

NANCY (hopefully) You wouldn't lie to me, Michael. You'd tell me the truth wouldn't you?

Michael starts to rub her shoulder and takes a handkerchief and dries her tears as he turns her around to face him.

MICHAEL Of course, I'd tell you the truth. You know I would. I love you. Now dry your eyes and let's have another glass of wine.

NANCY To the future ... together.

She looks him in the eyes as they click their glasses together.


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