Keeping It Personal

Writing must be personal or it is not worth writing. However, some writers have problems writing the personal story. Many times it is too frightening for them to express their inner emotions such as: love, hate, fear, joy, sorrow, anger or despair. These feelings are very private and at first you may be afraid of exposing your emotions in your script. But to become a successful writer you must be willing to reveal your true self—who you are, what you feel and what you fear.

If you are unable to do this, you have already failed as a writer. No matter how exciting your screenplay may be, if it doesn't have emotional characters no one will care to see it on the screen. Your audience wants to be involved with your characters, to identify with their problems and to root for them.

Take your time before building your story and give a lot of serious consideration to your subject matter. To capture your audience, you must touch them in a deep emotional way, all the more reason for you to be open and honest. Above all, you should write what you know. Don't try to write a story about life being in the Foreign Legion if you have no idea what that entails.

However, if you have a burning desire to write about a subject of which you know nothing and you want to write it no matter what, then do the necessary research before you start writing! Use the library, the Internet and leave no stone unturned until you have full knowledge about your subject. If you don't do extensive research, your story will fall apart, because it won't ring true and nobody will want to buy an admission ticket to see it.

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