Stingers Synopsis

Brenda Krantz and Rachel Ballon

JOSH FIELDING, in his late teens is a lab assistant to MAX GARRING, an Entomologist at the local university. He is going home for the summer to Bellefonte in order to help his father, a bee keeper, with the hives. Max is a hero to the local farmers, because he has developed a milder killer bee to replace the aggressive ones which had been over-powering the honeybees who pollinate the crops. Now the farmers will have abundant crops once more all because of Max.

Josh goes home to his beautiful girlfriend, Kirstin and his coterie of friends—Derek, Ben, Alicia—where they plan to party and hang out during the summer vacation. No sooner does Josh arrive home when he and Ben almost hit a dog lying mu tilated in the road. There are Stingers protruding from his body. After that hideous discovery things go from bad to worse and strange deaths occur in a grotesque and sickening manner. Ben's sister and her baby are found with dead with STINGERS swaying throughout their distorted bodies.

Max soon realizes he has to destroy all the bees he has sent to the farmers and to his sister FRIEDA GARRING, who is the proprietor of FRIEDA's BEE CLINIC. There she runs a thriving business administering bee sting therapy, and selling Pheromone and Royal Jelly to her loyal clientele. Frieda will do everything in her power to prevent her brother from destroying her bees. Besides, their relationship is contentious and filled with sibling jealousy. She'd like nothing better than to see her brother be humiliated and fail.

Josh calls Max and accuses him of creating some type of monster—a mutant "Botbee" who lays larvae inside humans and beasts, by entering through their mucus membrane orifices and taking over their bodies as incubating hives. Max denies any wrong doing and refuses to help stem the rising danger. It is now up to Josh, with the help of his friends, to prevent these aggressive killers from destroying everybody in the town. As more people die Josh searches for ways to stop the Botbees. Kirstin, Alicia, Ben, Derek led by Josh, actively seek out the Botbees to destroy them before they destroy the town—and the world. Time is of the essence as the swarm continues to grow, but with few resources except their desperation to stop the senseless destruction, Josh and the others have little hope of succeeding.

In the end each one of the group plays a specific part in a plan that Josh has devised, which takes them into the woods near Frieda's clinic. One by one, each goes his separate way following Josh's plan... and one by one each meets a hideous fate, all but Josh.

In the climax Josh must face his nemesis—Max. He's in a cave along with the Botbees which have entered it attracted by spilled Pheromone. Josh fights Max along with having to de stroy all the Botbees in the cave. Josh contains and seals all the Botbees inside before making his escape.

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