Story Structure

After you've determined your ending and your opening you still have to fill over a hundred or more pages in between. Perhaps your story is not clear and your characters are still vague. Maybe you don't have any idea what you are to do next.

Ask yourself, "What is my story about?" Next, try to tell your story in a couple of sentences. The two or three sentences you use to tell your story will become your plot structure or the premise of your screenplay. Every scene you write will have to relate to these couple of sentences. They will become the story structure from which you'll layout your screenplay.

When you look in the movie section of your newspaper or read the TV Guide to find out what a television movie is about, you are reading the log line or the plot structure of the films. When you begin you must be able to do the same thing, to reduce your entire story to two or three sentences, as in the movie section of the newspaper or the TV Guide. If you can't write your story idea in a concise and succinct manner, you probably don't have the right structure.

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