Structuring Scenes and Acts

"If I didn't know the ending of a story I wouldn't begin. I always write my last line, my last paragraphs, my last page first."

—Katherine Ann Porter

Screenwriting is a craft onto itself, having a special format, specific margins, a definite number of pages, and a highly developed structure. Starting a new screenplay is often like beginning a new relationship. When you first meet the love of your life, aren't you enthusiastic and excited, putting all your energy into it? After months or years of dating or getting married, doesn't your enthusiasm wane because of all the effort, energy and hard work it takes to keep your relationship viable and alive? Well, it's the same with writing scenes.

By now your blueprint for screenwriting is almost completed. You've laid down the foundation, constructed the framework, built your story and developed your characters. Now, you need to design your blueprint into a definite structure.

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