The Business Or Exposition

The description and action are also known as the business of your script. The business includes all the characters' actions and the descriptions of all the settings. Writing the business of your script is important to keep exciting and interesting. If it is too long and boring, you'll lose the reader's interest. This is not the time to try your hand at writing a novel. Don't use an excess of words. Write what is necessary and make it sound exciting by your careful choice of words. You need to keep the business short and to the point.

Don't use elaborate explanations or descriptions. Just write what you want to be visual. Save the flowery descriptions for other writing. Just be direct and precise when describing the action, eliminating adverbs and adjectives as much as possible. Make your writing active and your words specific.

Use the best prose possible for your directions, since your business must translate into film. Let the words sing on the page and the descriptions be visual and concrete, because your script will first be read before it's seen. You want it to be a good read to keep people who are reading your script interested in knowing what's going to happen next.

The directions never tell what a character is THINKING OR FEELING, only what the character is DOING. Nothing else should be included. Don't depend on directions or lengthy explanations to carry your script. Only use directions when absolutely necessary. Remember, you're not writing a novel.

You are writing a blueprint for cinematographers to film, actors to act, directors to director, film editors to edit, and so on. This is a collaborative effort and you, the writer are the Creator of it all. Make your blueprint clear, concise and visually exciting.

I have included an example of a scene written in script format. The scene has only one purpose and has a beginning, a middle and a climax. From now on write your scenes using the correct script format.

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