The Climax

With this in mind, let's talk about the climax of your story. The climax is the highest point of drama in your structure. It is where all of the scenes must lead throughout your story. Finding the ending of your story is the first thing to do. The ending of your screenplay is known as the climax. After the climax your story should be finished and can't go any further. Your screenplay is complete and if you keep writing then your writing becomes anticlimactic, which means you've written too much and you have no resolution for your screenplay. Your audience should leave your movie feeling emotionally satisfied. If your audience doesn't have a sense of closure in the climax your script is a failure.

What is the purpose for writing anything if you have nothing to say as a writer? There is no purpose. What is writing all about if it's not to share your viewpoint, your passion or your personal vision of life, death, love, birth, relationships and yourself?

When you write about a subject that has meaning to you and is important, unconsciously your message will come through in the characters and the story. That's what I mean when I tell you to write about something that's important to you, about which you care. It will give your writing a much deeper level, especially if your audience goes away intrigued with or at least provoked by your idea or point-of-view of the world.

I can't stress the importance of finding the right climax. You'll probably have to change your climax many times before it works. Some writers have written an entire screenplay before they discovered the climax wasn't working and it had to be written over again. This is not uncommon, so don't get discouraged, because once you find the right climax you'll be satisfied and your story will make sense.

In order to determine your climax you must be sure to include the three important elements in it. The most important element in the climax is the main character must experience a change. He or she must reach a new understanding and discover something about him or herself or another character that he or she didn't know before. In psychological terms he or she would experience a catharsis and gain some new insight about him or herself. If your main character doesn't change or experience an emotional transformation then your climax will fail.

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