THe Completed Screenplay

"I usually have a sense of clinical fatigue after finishing a book."

—John Cheever

You have followed your Blueprint for Screenwriting and by now have constructed your finished product—your screenplay. It's your calling card that shows you can write a properly structured, solid story and develop complex, interesting characters.

Given all the harsh realities about writing and having completed your Blueprint For Screenwriting, do you still want to be a writer? Have your motives for becoming a writer changed after all the time, effort and hard work you've put into completing your writing project?

Do you still want success? Do you still want to be rich and famous? Or must you write your beliefs, hopes and burning desires and share your vision with the world? If the answer to the last question is "yes," then you must continue with your writing and don't stop until you reach your goals.

I've developed a checklist for you, to be your blueprint when you're developing a new script. It shows all the necessary elements to include, and the proper building blocks to use for great structure. Here are the guidelines for you to follow and keep this check list near you to refer to when you're creating your blueprint for screen-writing. And you'll always be heading in the right direction— writing a successful screenplay.

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