The Physical

The physical aspects of your character are rather basic. They include his or her height, weight, hair color, eye color, how he or she walks, talks, eats, smiles, body language, mannerisms, gestures, pos ture. What is his over-all appearance? Is he handsome, ugly, weak, strong, stocky, fat, thin?

Don't just arbitrarily give your characters physical characteristics without first knowing their character. Certainly, the character "Rocky" could never have been a frail-looking, thin, studious type. If he were, the movie Rocky would have been a different movie.

The character determines the action, but the action also comes from the character. It's amazing how a person's appearance affects the way he feels about himself and how he behaves. Think about the type of character you physically need for your story and then develop him so he's realistic and authentic in his physical make-up.

A beautiful woman is treated differently from an unattractive one. A muscular, tall man gets more attention from the opposite sex than and out-of-shape, overweight man.

Signs Of Attraction

Signs Of Attraction

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