Visualization and Free Writing

To enable you to reach your inner depths, and a well-spring of new ideas, I will lead you in a writing exercise. You will begin the journey to travel beneath your mask and mine your childhood stories, memories, intention, and emotions, through using visualization and free writing.

Visualization is the technique of imagining visual pictures. It closes off the left hemisphere of your brain and lets the right hemisphere express insights and inspirations without criticisms. Visualization also involves the exploration of pictures that come to your mind allowing you to experience a kind of waking dream.

Before you begin your visualization, first get comfortable, close your eyes and begin to relax by breathing deeply. If you wish you may listen to relaxing music, such as Yoga or mediation tapes. Continue breathing until you feel the muscles in your body relax completely. After you are totally relaxed, visualize yourself as a small child. Picture yourself in a natural setting such as in a meadow, a park, the woods, or by the ocean. As you visualize, become part of the scene with all of your senses. Smell the sea air, listen to the birds singing, hear the wind rustling through the leaves, see the myriad colors of the ocean and taste the salty water. Really get into the scene and imagine yourself being there with all of your senses. What are you wearing? How does you hair look? What expression do you have on your face? Are you alone or with a friend? Take a few more moments and visualize what you're feeling in this wonderful childhood place. Are you happy? Sad? Lonely? Playful? Free?

Now take your pen and start writing about the experience. Using first person (I), present tense (am), write with all your senses, describing the visual pictures you experienced. Do not stop writing until you've written for twenty minutes. Do not take your pen from the page and don't read over anything you've written until you're finished. It's important for you to be free when you write and not to worry about grammar, spelling or punctuation.

If you get stuck and can't think of anything else to write, then write about feeling stuck and not being able to write. No matter what—don't stop writing until at least twenty minutes have passed. If you want, you could set a timer and not stop until it goes off. Writing about this waking dream without any type of structure or rules, enables you to access powerfully dramatic stories and memories from your past.

This type of writing, which is known as free or automatic writing, when combined with visualization offers a direct path to the unconscious and to your buried treasures—emotions, feelings, memories.

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