Writing From Your Heart

I have worked with all level of writers, from rank beginners to experienced professionals, who were too into the results of their writing, before they even had written their script. This attitude stopped them in their creative process before they ever got started.

You need to be in the moment when you write and not into the results. When you first begin to develop your blueprint for screen-writing, you mustn't block yourself with criticisms and judgments before you get your ideas down on the page. If you do, you will stop yourself too soon in the writing process and not finish writing your script. It's important to suspend your judgment until after you've written down your ideas, your story, or your concept. Otherwise, you will not be able to start writing your screenplay let alone complete it.

When you begin to develop your screenplay, concentrate on the writing process itself and not on the technique. Write down your ideas without worrying whether or not they're good enough. By writing in the moment you'll lose your past and future and your ideas will flow. This way of writing from your heart is the first burst of creative imagination that comes to you in a moment of insight or a burst of inspiration.

Have you ever started to write and when you looked at the clock hours had gone by when you thought you'd only been working for minutes? That's because you were being in the moment, totally immersed and absorbed in the present. You were involved in the process of writing, rather than worrying about the product or results.

To be a productive and successful writer you must write from both your heart and your head, the basis of all great writing. This type of writing enables you to increase your creative output and allows you to reveal who you truly are and put it into your writing. To be a fully creative writer you must be open to all aspects of yourself, since repression of your feelings works against your creativity. If you avoid looking inside yourself, you'll lose parts of yourself and your past experiences and you won't be able or willing to put those fertile ideas and feelings into your writing. This will prevent you from reconnecting to your inner self.

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