Reactions to Other Characters Actions

When one character says or does something, another character's reactions to this event can effectively characterize both of them. A chain reaction starts. Consider Jane and Sam, for instance:

Jane took a swig of Dr Pepper. "I wish you weren't so spineless around that girl, Sam. Shejust snarls you around her little finger is what she does. Every single time."

Sam took his nine-iron out of his bag and squinted along its length. It needed cleaning. He reached for the cloth.

"She's failing algebra and English and I don't know what else. Seems like she just can't get her mind on school long enough to even show up regular. Sam, are you listening to me?"

Her tone was unmistakable. So was the angle of her cigarette, the tap of her knee against the table, the ridgy look to her neck muscles. Sam trusted neck muscles. "I'm going out to buy golf balls," he said quickly, and went.

Sam's reactions to Jane's actions tell us a lot about him.

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