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Covert Commissions is Done For You Sales Funnels service for highly converting evergreen products. You just have to send traffic to a squeeze page giving away a free report to pre-sell the main offer. This product helps you build an email list and then monetize it through affiliate marketing. Email marketing is the heartbeat of affiliate marketing business, and with Covert Commissions, you will be able to successfully create a list that you can earn from. Everything is already set up, you don't have to struggle setting up an affiliate marketing campaign by yourself like in other competing products. The product involves easy-to-follow steps that even beginners can use to launch a successful affiliate campaign. Covert Commissions involves some DFY resources including squeeze page/landing page/opt-in page, confirmation page, Thank you page, download page, and follow-up sequence. Covert Commissions is a product of Cindy Donovan. The product was first launched in 2015 by IM Wealth Builders, which Cindy was a part of it. But soon she left the company to form her own called Wildfire Concepts. She then bought Covert Commissions form IM Wealth Builders in 2017 and re-launched it in 2018 with additional services that made the product more appealing. Cindy Donovan is a seasoned digital product creator, having launched more than 10 products on JVZoo. More here...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

All the testing and user reviews show that Covert Commissions is definitely legit and highly recommended.

Email Marketing Mini Course

This online course from internet guru Patrick Chan teaches you how to make money online Without having to learn to sell! Has the topic of sales and marketing always made you uncomfortable, and seemed a bit dishonest? You are not alone; Sales often resorts to underhanded techniques, and can just be awkward for the seller and the buyer. Patrick Chan teaches you how to make money online without all the sales! Don't follow what the crowds are doing and try to learn how to be the next great online salesman; learn the way of the future, and go into business with honestly and without all of the sales scamming. It doesn't have to be difficult to learn sales, and you can pick up these tips and tricks without having to deal with people in person. All it takes are email messages between you and a customer, done in a totally honest and above-board way! Making money online does not have to be scam; it can be done honestly too!

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Explosive Solo Ad Traffic

Explosive Solo Ad Traffic is a service that is aimed at helping the users get the right click and sales on their products. The website involved in the product has over 120 thousand subscribed followers and have recorded a sale of more than 17, 000 over the sales of a single product. The service was created in such a way that it would take the users a little work to have it done. However, if taken seriously, the users will get the chance to be one of the people that are privy to this secret that many people have refused to share. This is a package that is complete with hundreds of users giving it credible reviews because of the results they have gotten. One thing that makes it easy to use is that is such that get the users a double click of whatever the users subscribe for. More so, there is every assurance the users will get a reasonable amount of buyers as regards the sales. In order to help them get a better result, they also bonus packages that allow the users to get certain reductions in the services the users get from them.

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USA Solo Ad Mailer

Solo ad mailer is a company created for the main purpose of marketing businesses. Your business might be good and you have great products, but it may be lacking at the marketing side of it. It is the job of solo ad mailer to provide a marketing strategy and advertise your products to the outside world. The company was established when the founders saw many potential businesses fail in the market world. Due to the amazing results that solo ad mailer provides, they attracted lots of other big companies and grew in no time. They offer you three different packages to work with. There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced with each package providing you with a specific amount of clicks and optins. The amount of clicks and optins you depends on your choice of package and also on the size of your business and how many views and sales you are aiming to get from the audience. This product is for anyone who just started or has a business and wishes to expand their market more. If you have a new business that requires attention and clicks, then solo ad mailer is here for you to work with in order to improve your sales.

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About Writing for the HyperspaceZOO

Formatted submissions - that is, typed, double-spaced, with your name, title, and page number at the top of each page. I don't pay. I'm not a professional publication. If you send something to me, do it for the experience you'll get, or because you can share something of relevance with our membership, or because you love the Petshop. You'll retain all rights - because of our limited membership and mailing list, professional publications will not even consider a previous publication with us as the use of your First North American Serial Rights.

Think about what aspects people want to see

In observing web users at e-commerce sites, Jared Spool found that experienced hikers rejected the offerings at a site that did not show the soles of hiking boots. Instead, they chose boots from REI because REI had pictures like the ones I'm showing here. Jared tells me (through email correspondence) that The REI people knew to tip over the boots when shooting the pictures because the photographer used to work in the footwear department.

Anecdotes and Fillers

The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, has been running The Funny Bone, a joke column, in their Sunday magazine for more than thirty years. It uses subscriber joke contributions exclusively. Readers not only like the jokes, but take great pride in seeing their names, and those of their friends, published. Once when the column was possibly going to be dropped because it required too much staff time, readers protested so vigorously that The Funny Bone was kept, and continues to be one of the magazine's most popular features.

Joining a writerscircle

Your local library should have details of writers' activities in your area and writing organisations will be only too pleased to add your name to their mailing lists. Societies, associations and websites for writers are listed at the end of this book but for some excellent on-the-spot advice, here are some words of wisdom from established writing professionals

Consult the invisible college

The term invisible college has been used widely to describe informal but systematic ways like these that scientists arrange in order to stay in contact with colleagues who are working on similar problems. In the past, the lines of communication occurred primarily one-on-one, but with the advent of the Internet, they now are also maintained through a newsgroup or a computerized mailing list management program (technically a listserv but often anglicized to listserve ). Anyone can join most such mailing lists or newsgroups by sending a simple command to their host computer. Special topic groups can be found in printed directories, in Internet directories, or by searching the Internet.

Introductory and Application Letters

Deciding what style to use when sending emails is your choice. However, choose your models carefully and consider what type of personality you desire to convey. Some kinds of language may be intended to be friendly but may actually appear to be so informal as to be impolite. For example, beginning an email message 'Hi,' or 'Hi Petey,' or 'Hi Dr. Young' when the recipient has not previously met nor communicated with the writer may shock the receiver.


The Netwriting Masters Course is not able to discuss the whole success process in detail. The primary job of the Course is to show you how to write content that PREsells ( warms up your visitors) and then converts your visitors into customers. Content covers all your online words, including e-mails, autoresponders, newsletters, ads -basically, every point at which you communicate with your target market.

Hypnotic EMails

I've managed to create a following online, all through e-mail. I have a large mailing list of responsive buyers who have made me wealthy. They've made my books bestsellers. I'm told my list will out-pull lists a hundred times larger. How What's the secret to making my e-mails profitable I think there are five secrets.

Build Relationships

It builds that all-important trust that is so necessary to convert a visitor subscriber into a paying client. Trust, trust, and more trust. Your newsletter is the conduit with which you will establish your credibility, energize relationships, and increase your Conversion Rate. Before deciding upon what you'll write, remember who you will write for. Obviously, you'll publish a newsletter for your subscriber's mindset. But what content will you deliver to your subscribers Not time It can be as simple as periodically informing subscribers of new content on your site

Email Marketing Tactics

Email Marketing Tactics

Report Reveals 50 Powerful Ways You Can Upsell Your Customers. Inside this report you'll discover 50 upsell tactics you can implement to any of your product or service. An easy tactics to implement that your customers will find hard to refuse. Even if you know one of these tactics, there's still 49 tactics laid out in this report. Implement any of these tactics to see bigger results.

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