About Writing for the HyperspaceZOO

The ZOO has added an Outside Opinons column. If you would like to submit an article, maximum word length for a single article is 600 words. Maximum series length is three issues. I'm open to any aspect of writing, from articles on technical writing to personal experiences to how you do research. I require professionally formatted submissions - that is, typed, double-spaced, with your name, title, and page number at the top of each page. I don't pay. I'm not a professional publication. If you send something to me, do it for the experience you'll get, or because you can share something of relevance with our membership, or because you love the Petshop. You'll retain all rights - because of our limited membership and mailing list, professional publications will not even consider a previous publication with us as the use of your First North American Serial Rights.

Note: If you submit a piece that has been published elsewhere, make sure you still own reprint rights on it and can legally do so. i don't want to infringe on anyone else's copyright.

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