Benefits of Membership

The biggest benefit is obviously the privilege of attending meetings (and sometimes the honor of hosting one). At meetings, your work is heard by professionals, semipros, and aspiring writers, and critiqued on the basis of its marketability. You will get marketing information and occasional updates on markets, meet folks who can help you make professional connections, and have a lot of fun.

Attending meetings is a privilege and not a right. Memberships can be revoked - for failure to follow critiquing rules, for failure to follow protocol in being critiqued, or by a general vote of the other members.

As a member, you'll also receive the newsletter HyperspaceZOO, which comes out every other week and keeps you up to date on Petshop events and the doings of its members. The ZOO also contains columns on writing, book reviews, and other things you may find useful.

Petshop members occasionally travel in packs. If you're going to a con and other members are going, you can save some money by rooming together.

We are currently discussing the possibility of hosting a SF convention in Fayetteville. This isn't a sure thing, but certainly something to keep in mind if you enjoy cons and would like to become involved in running one.

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