By Donald Maass

Heinemann Books, ISBN 0-435-08134-9 - pub. date 1996

Written by respected agent Donald Maass, The Career Novelist covers in intelligent and thoughtful detail the facts of life for any writer who wants to make it as a professional. In twenty clear-eyed chapters, Maass details everything from when to quit your day job to how to find the right agent to how to keep from sinking your own career ... to how to revive it if you've already made serious mistakes. While geared for the already-published writer, this book should be required reading for the hopeful beginner, too - the things you learn here will, with your own talent and hard work, get you where you want to go faster, better, and without the stupid and painful detours that are otherwise so easy to take.

And what if you are published? After fourteen published books, I discovered this manual and with it the best definitions of scope and scale and sweep I've yet to find. I discovered that I could have avoided a number of mistakes that have cost me both time and effort. I did some hard refiguring on both where I was and where I wanted to

Holly Lisle be. Using this book and my own agent's sagacious advice, I made changes that have pointed me in the direction I want to go.

This is the essential roadmap for planning your own success.

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