Do not expect consideration

You have a job, right? You're going to be sitting at a keyboard stretching your brain for God knows how many hours. Your family (and friends) will keep this in mind, right? Wrong. Your family and friends will figure as long as you're home all day, you might as well be doing something useful, like laundry, or running the kids everywhere, or going out to breakfast or lunch or shopping or The list of things other people will find for you to do is endless, and destructive beyond belief. Given the opportunity, they will kill your writing, then shake their heads when you fail and say they always knew it wouldn't work. Guard your time fanatically.

I know I make the people you love sound like the enemy, like conspirators against your dreams and aspirations. I write from experience. I got all the above responses the first time I quit my day job to write full time. I didn't mention earlier that I had one miserably failed attempt at this way back in 1985. But I did. When I tell you what you need to have and do in order to quit and win, I'm telling you from experience I got the hard way. The first time I quit, I wasn't ready, and my then-husband was looking at writing as: a) a quick road to millions of dollars and b) something that was going to make us rich beyond his wildest dreams of avarice overnight. It didn't, he got very caustic, and a year almost to the week from the day I quit, I had to get another nursing job. When I had to go back to nursing, my family was right there with the I-told-you-so's, and my now-ex husband was first in line.

The second time I quit, I was prepared. And the second time, it stuck.

Incidentally, there are spouses and family members and friends who won't act like the folks described above. They will support, encourage, and believe in you. If you have them, hang on to them forever. They are worth more than gold. I have such a family now, and they are my pleasure and my anchor in rough times.

And for the other people who will believe in you and your dreams ...

Holly Lisle

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