Go someplace special together

If you write science fiction or fantasy (or to a lesser degree, mysteries) you already have a ready-made special place where you and your writing can go. The SF/F field is loaded with wonderful conventions. Find ones where more panels are dedicated to writers and books than to role-playing gamers and media fandom - you want to be inspired, and you'll get the most inspiration by meeting the writers, editors, publishers and agents who bring out the sorts of books you want to be doing. The mystery field has, from what I've heard, far fewer conventions, but a much higher percentage that feature writing.

If you aren't writing in either of those two specialties, you can still look into writers conferences put on by state and regional writers' associations. I've served as faculty at one of these, and have attended one other, and I've decided they aren't for me, but they're evidently the thing for a whole lot of other folks.

And don't forget taking along a notebook and pen when you go places you've never been before, (no matter why you're there), to record images that surprise and tantalize you.

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