Handing In the Resignation

I only have two pieces of advice here.

1. Don't resign while naked.

2. Don't resign by using firearms.

Otherwise, whatever you do is probably cool. A friend of mine danced on his desk in the law office while cutting his tie into small pieces. The second time I quit the day job - the time I quit for real - I went home and had a bonfire in my back yard in which I burned my uniforms. (There are times when living in the country is a wonderful thing. That wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying in a fireplace.) It was great. And my life has been an adventure ever since.

Mugging the Muse: Writing Fiction for Love and Money 126

Best of luck to you, wild and woolly fellow writer. This is what I have to offer that got me out of the day job - what I did as well as what I should have done. I hope you make it, too. It's worth every bit of struggle, and it's worth it every single day.

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